Bar Eternity

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Surrounded by the gaudy neon of Nakasu, Eternity is something of an oasis with its expert food and open, conversational bar. A refurbished strip club, Eternity’s layout still owes something to the typical crowded Nakasu girly joint, but now an approach to decor that’s part-Rock & Roll, part-Hollywood gives it a pleasantly quirky showbiz feel. The large stage is put to good use in frequent theme nights, including Jazz performance and film nights. Eternity’s dinner menu is justly proud of its pasta options, and the tempura set uses only local fish and vegetables and is the product of the chef’s over 40 years of tempura expertise. This casual, foreigner-friendly bar is full of surprises, with a superbly stocked bar and a flair for Japanese-style cocktails, no table charge (if you mention Fukuoka Now!) and strong contacts with talented local musicians. Only a few hundred meters from Nakagawa and Canal City, it’s closer than you think and definitely worth a visit: go so you can say you’ve been, but keep going back for the variety, the quality food and the conscientious service.

1F Rock Hollywood Bldg., 3-7-7 Nakasu, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka


Open: 18:00 ~ 5:00
Closed: Sundays (open Nat. holidays)
Menu: Spaghetti Carbonara (pictured) ¥1,050, Eternity Curry ¥1,050, Tempura Set ¥2,100, Ham Steak ¥630, Beef Tongue Stew ¥1,575

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