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Boat Race Fukuoka Event – May 13, 2017

Boat Race Fukuoka – Special event for tourists and international residents!
2017 May 13 (Sat.) 13:00~16:30 at Boat Race Fukuoka (15 minute walk from Tenjin Sta.)

This is a rare opportunity to learn about and experience Boat Race. It’s a highly competitive sport in which small but high-powered speed boats race around a water track. Spectators cheer on from the stands and also place wagers on the races. It’s one of the few legal gambling activities in Japan. An English speaking guide will be on hand to explain everything to you throughout the event.

It’s definitely an unique slice of modern culture!

At this event, money is only required if you want to place some bets. Otherwise it is free of charge!

Program includes:
• Lecture about how Boat Race Fukuoka works
• Tour of the pits
• Learn how to buy betting tickets
• Watch some races!

Extras for everyone who attends!
• Free entry ticket to Boat Race Fukuoka for your next visit.
• Boat Race Fukuoka original goods present.
• Chance to ride on a Pair Boat boat on June 4 (10 people selected by lottery). A Pair Boat is a two-seater race boat. If you are selected, you and a driver will zip around the course!

Minimum 20 years or older.
Children can accompany but cannot buy betting tickets.
Buying betting tickets is optional. Cash required.
Space limited, Participants decided by lottery.

Deadline to apply: May 9, Tue. 13:00 Apply now!
We will reply to everyone who applies by May 10, Wed. 18:00
Sign up using this form:
If you are selected, you will be sent more details about meeting place and time by email

Apply Here (free!):

Learn more about Boat Race on these pages:

Boat Race Fukuoka official website:

Published: Apr 14, 2017 / Last Updated: Apr 14, 2017

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