Coffee shop lessons. London Teacher.

05/30/2012 13:06

BRITISH TEACHER ================
34 yrs old
6 yrs professional, teaching here in Fukuoka.

Very friendly, relaxed, encouraging. I don’t talk too fast and if you make a mistake with your English I will correct you.
Lesson is at a quiet coffee shop or your home.

1 hour lessons. English conversation and learning from books. Increase your TOIEC score! Many students have gone from 400 to 650+


1hour ————-1 person —————————— 2,500 yen
1hour ————-2 people —————————— 3,500 yen
1hour ————-3 people —————————— 4,000 yen

Kris Foxton

p.s. Please contact me if you are a school looking for a teacher or you want Skype lessons. I may be available.

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