English teacher in Kitakyushu

Feb 14, 2017 08:19 by James Curtis

Seiha English Academy is looking for part-time, semi -full time & full-time English Teachers to teach children between the ages of 0 and 14 years.

Start date: Teaching start date April 1st, with 7-10 days training.

We offer:
• Part-time salary: 2500 Yen per hour.
• 3-day semi-full time starting salary: 140.000 Yen per month.
• 4-day semi-full time starting salary: 175.000 Yen per month..
• Full-time starting salary: 250.000 Yen per month.
• Additional financial incentives.
• 100% compensation for all of your transportation costs.
• Training, curricula and materials are provided.
• Excellent insurance/benefits package for semi-full and full-time positions.
• Opportunities to grow and expand into other areas of the company.
• A positive and supportive work culture and environment.

Required Professional and Personal Qualifications:
• Genuine personal and professional interest in English education for children.
• Dependable and professional.
• Strong contributor to a team environment, and also work effectively without supervision.
• Enthusiastic, personable and approachable.
• Appropriate level of English for teaching children (Japanese language is not required for this position).
• Valid Spousal or Work Visa for at least one year.

Applicants must currently reside in Japan with a current work visa. Applications from overseas will not be considered.

Easy access to JR and or Nishitetsu train lines is an advantage.

Please apply in English by email with your cover letter, resume/CV, and letters of recommendation/references to:

Kitakyushu area Foreign Teacher Manager

Please mention what days you are available for the above-mentioned positions in your application.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!

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