Free English School Materials (a lot of stuff)

Jan 8, 2017 14:39 by Tom Wiltshire


I was an ALT for many years and had to make some many A4 cards (all laminated) for each school. I’m about to leave Japan and it would be ashame to throw away everything.

This would be ideal for someone:
a: Thinking about setting-up his /her own English School.
b. Already has a school but needs more materials and doesn’t want to spend money to accomplish this.
Please note: This is a one-stop shop of a ton of materials you could definitely utilize while teaching:
If you contact me then I can send photos of everything, but to give you a taster:
You will get:
1. A vast library of beautiful A4 cards (very colourful) plus many small cards.
2, Plastic fruit & veg, plastic body parts game, plastic animals (stuffed toys). All these items give your students a ‘hands-on experience’ instead pounding your sts with cards all the time.
3. Various handout sheets that I used from kids to adults.
4. Various other games, etc

I would prefer you come and pick up everything in your car.
If you don’t have a car then, everything is already in large plastic boxes and are easy to store and portable also.

Thank you for your time !!

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