Full Time Native English Teacher

Feb 15, 2017 14:14 by Mina Hashimoto

We are seeking a full time native English teacher with experience teaching children.
Kids Joy is a child care and after school program that is focused on providing students with an immersive native English environment. As well as offering formal lesson time, we enjoy a plethora of games and activities conducted in English.

Responsibilities include lesson preparation and teaching as well as interacting with and playing with students ranging from three to twelve years of age. Physical activity is a daily requirement.

-Native speaker of English with a good command of grammar and structure.
-Two years or more of English teaching experience.
-Experience with children
-Must hold working VISA valid for at least one year

-Pay of ¥200,000-¥250,000 per month, varying by experience
-Health care benefits provided

To apply, please submit a current resume (with current photo attached) to

Mina Hashimoto

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