Full-Time Position Available:Native Teacher

Apr 19, 2012 06:49 by sbcmember

Sagashimbun bunka center (Co., Ltd.) is looking for ALTs for elementary schools and junior high schools.

Full-time Positions are currently available:
– at the schools in Kanzaki-city in Saga-ken.
– for 2 ALTs who live in Saga or Fukuoka.
– for up to one year contracts.

You should:
– have TESOL, TEFL, or CELTA experience.
– be interested in Japanese culture.
– be able to work for one year.
– have good communication skills.
– be friendly and flexible.
– be a team player.

You must:
– speak native English.
– have a Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) or higher.
– provide your own transportation (car).

Duties are:
– to teach lessons with JTE or JT.
– to evaluate students.
– to attend scheduled classes regularly.

Full-time native English teachers: JPY 250,000~ /month

Work hours:
– are 35 hours per week.

Days off:
– are according to the school schedule.
Work start day: ASAP / May 2012~

Please contact us at
Sagashimbun Bunka Center
2-23 Tenjin 3-chome
Saga-shi, Saga-ken

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