iMac for Sale! 英語と日本語

Jul 1, 2012 20:17 by Mattyy1

Selling my great iMac because I’m moving back to America at the beginning of August. Like-new condition. Only 1.5 yrs old. Upgraded model.

2.93 GHz Intel Core i7 Quad Core Processor

16GB DDR3 Memory (MAX MEMORY Upgrade)

1TB Hard drive

Brand New Power source, installed by Apple.

Comes with Magic Mouse, keyboard, and Twin BOSE speaker system.
(備品:Magic Mouse、キーボード、BOSEのスピーカ2個セット。いずれも色褪せ等なし。)

I have the original boxes.

The computer won’t be available for pick up until the weekend of July 28th. Please be able to pick up the computer in the Tenjin/Akasaka area.

Asking price: 160,000円    (Amount Paid: 250,000円)
値段: 160,000円    (元々のおおよその値段:250,000円)

You can message me at:

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