REDUCED! 14 Tatami mat(23 sq/m) air conditioner for sale

Jan 9, 2017 17:53 by Paul Ricketts

Hitachi air conditioner used for one summer season (and very little) only. For you that might be new to Japan, Japanesea/c units cool and heat. This one is good for larger rooms ( 14 tatami – 23 square meters – 250 square feet), but of course you could use it for a smaller room as well. We seemed to have misplaced the remote for it but one can be picked up for a decent price. We paid just under 100 000 yen in late 2013 for it and will let it go for 30 000 yen (I will deliver it as long as you don’t live THAT far away).
Give me a call 080 6440 8643 or send me a message if interested.

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