Jan 9, 2017 17:51 by Oliver K

ire sale on select items, first come first serve, items need to be picked up on Friday Jan 13th or Saturday Jan 14th, pick-up only!

Queen size mattress with added comfort cushion (bought in Nitori for 6000 YEN last year) and 2 pairs of sheets – ¥10,000 (will throw in two foldable floor mattresses, perfect for guests staying over, for FREE)

Toshiba washing machine, 48L capacity, stainless steel tub – ¥3000

Wooden kitchen trolley with wheels, perfect for storing kitchen goods, I currently have my microwave on the top with various things on the two shelves – ¥2500

Round, wooden coffee table, also works as a TV stand which is how I’m currently using it – ¥1500

Once again, first come first serve, pictures available upon request!


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