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Comedy Fukuoka February

On Feb. 27, Comedy Fukuoka returned for its second night at the C.C.Cafe. Three open-micers performed (Julia Lazenbatt, Tom Emmott and Taylor Ruddle) all doing an excellent job warming the audience up for the star-studded list of guest comedians higher up the bill despite a temperamental microphone.

L-R: Tony Romani, Adam Shaw, Ollie Horn, Edd Daggers & Tom Law

Left to Right: Tony Romani, Adam Shaw, Ollie Horn, Edd Daggers & Tom Law

Ollie Horn, the man behind Comedy Fukuoka, again performed brilliantly as host, delighting us with some of the new material he had written in preparation for his Singapore shows next week, and receiving some delightfully polite heckling in return. To close the first half, Adam Shaw from The Mad Cows of Tokyo delivered a roaring set; the audience will never again think of Disneyland (aka ‘Japanese Heaven’) in the same way.

Post-interval, the packed-out house was treated to three 15-minute sets from ROR (Raugh out Roud) Comedy’s Edd Daggers, Tom Law and Tony Romani who had travelled to Fukuoka from Osaka. Each had the audience in hysterics, having to pause their sets on occasion for applause.

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Comedy Fukuoka’s growing popularity can be seen in its ticket sales. Before the night, all advanced tickets had sold out and a dozen people had to be turned away at the door after the door tickets were also quickly snapped up.

If you missed out on tickets, Comedy Fukuoka will return on Mar. 27 for an open-mic special, featuring guest host Taylor Ruddle. Every new performer will get 5 minutes of stage time, and a free drink for their efforts. Get in touch with Comedy Fukuoka this week if you’d like to perform!

Want to find out more about Comedy Fukuoka? Read Fukuoka Now’s interview with the man behind the show, Ollie Horn, here.

Next show: Fri. Mar. 27 (9pm)
Line-up: TBA
For more information:
Official website:

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We apologise for the blurriness!

We apologise for the blurriness!

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Published: Feb 26, 2015 / Last Updated: Apr 1, 2016