Beach Volleyball Tournament in Fukuoka

START: Jul 16, 2017 END: Jul 17, 2017

The fourth leg of the 2017 Japan Beach Volleyball Tour will be held in Yukuhashi, Fukuoka. The teams will be battling out to take home the top prize of ¥300,000 and 600 championship points. With the tour approaching its midpoint, the players need to give it everything they’ve got!

* Please note: In order to protect the rights of the players and allow them to concentrate on the matches taking photographs and recording is forbidden on still/movie cameras. Photography and filming is restricted to mobile phones.

• Japan Beach Volleyball Tour 2017, Round 4, Yukuhashi Tournament
• 7/16 ~ 7/17 (09:00~)
• Free
• Nagaihama Beach
• Nagai, Yukuhashi, Fukuoka Prefecture
• E-mail:

Published: Jun 19, 2017 / Last Updated: Jun 27, 2017