Fukuoka Open Top Bus Discounts

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The number of passengers who rode on the Fukuoka Open Top Bus surpassed 300,000 in April 2017. To celebrate this milestone, the fees for the most popular Hakata Machinaka Course will be reduced by 35% for 10 days. Also, a bottled drink ‘Irohasu Amaou’ and Niwaka Senpei snacks and masks will be passed out to passengers between 4/17 and 4/28. Book on phone or purchase tickets at the ticket counter on 1F Fukuoka City Hall.

Provided by the City of Fukuoka

4/17 (Mon.) ~ 4/21 (Fri.), 4/24 (Mon.) ~ 4/28 (Fri.)
10:00~, 12:00~, 14:30~, and 16:30 ~
Adult: ¥1,000, Child (ES and under): ¥500 (*3 years old and under are not allowed)
0120-489-939 / 092-734-2727 (Kyushu bus booking center)



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