“Hafu” Film Screening and Panel Discussion.

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One in forty-nine children in Japan was born from parents with different nationalities. Some are recognizable and others are not. “Hafu” is a documentary film which follows the lives of five young “hafu” living in Japan; delve into their experiences, and gain a new perspective on nationality. In a country where only 2% of the population are foreign, yet mixed marriages are on the rise, what does it mean to be “hafu”?

Check out Fukuoka Now’s report on the special screening in 2013, the first time this film was shown in Kyushu.


• 10/17 (Sat.)
• 13:00~17:40
• Adv.: ¥600, Door: ¥1,000
• Fukuoka City Gender Equality Promotion Center Amikas Hall
• 3-3-1 Takamiya, Minami-ku
• 092-513-7333
http://www1.plala.or.jp/AWCenter/hafu.html / www.facebook.com/movieHaFu


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