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Exclusive! Pre-open Report – Gold’s Gym Hakata Fukuoka

On January 18 the very first branch of the world-famous Gold’s Gym opens in Fukuoka, and today Fukuoka Now was given a special pre-open tour. It’s the first Gold’s Gym in Kyushu, and the 46th in Japan. Gold’s Gym began in California in 1965 and has locations in 30 countries! Read about the gym’s special features and check out our gallery of 20 photos here!

We met Koji, who is one of the English speaking trainers. He recently moved from Sasebo to Fukuoka and he’s ranked #4 amongst Kyushu top body builders. He says he looks forward to assisting foreigners who join Gold’s Gym.


The gym features 7 kinds of machines, and around 50 in total. There are 11 for back, 7 for chest, 5 for shoulders, 6 for arms, 7 for abs and others. Gold’s is excellent for those who want to use free weights. They currently have weights up to 60 kgs, but will soon get some even heavier ones. There’s also 4 bench presses, 3 power racks, and 1 Smith Machine. In the second basement floor they have a room for martial arts training, sandbags, and weight platforms. Of course there are various cardio machines, locker rooms, sauna, showers, and a shop. This is just a quick rundown of what we noticed – check it out yourself! And we saved the best for last… Gold’s Gym Hakata is open 22 hrs/day! 5am to 3am (Mon. 7am~, Sat. ~8pm) Tel: 092-737-7272, 1F, Fukuoka Sanei Bldg., 1-14-16 Tenjin.

Published: Jan 17, 2014 / Last Updated: Apr 1, 2016