Fukuoka Mayor Soichiro Takashima, presents the first applicants for the Startup Visa, Thomas Pouplin and Yasmine Djoudi, with their Confirmation Letters of NBIP.

Startup Visa: Entrepreneurial Incentives for Foreigners in Fukuoka

Got a business idea you want to bring to life? Well, starting a business in Fukuoka just got easier, thanks to the new foreigner-friendly Startup Visa. The visa gives entrepreneurs…

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AIDS Day 2015 in Fukuoka

There were 1,091 cases of HIV infection and 455 cases of AIDS reported for the year 2014 – a combined total of 1,546 cases. For the past 11 years, the number of cases of HIV and AIDS has been over 1,000 each year. In Fukuoka City, there were…

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Hakata Gion Yamakasa Guide 2015

You’ve probably already spotted some half-naked men running around town. These men in loincloths are participants in Fukuoka’s most anticipated annual festival, Hakata Gion Yamakasa. The highlight of the festival kicks off at exactly 4:59am on July 15th when thousands of men from seven districts race through the streets carrying decorative one-ton floats…

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Climbing in Fukuoka – Guide

May has come and gone, and the beautiful weather that allowed you to fully enjoy Japan’s outdoors is soon to be replaced by sticky humidity and the dreaded rainy season. You still want to stay fit and healthy, but going outdoors has lost some of its appeal, so what do you do? This month’s feature article focuses on the sport of indoor rock climbing, which has taken Japan by storm, with new climbing walls and shops popping up all over the place. Fukuoka Prefecture currently has more than 15 walls, with half of these within the limits of city and some as central as Daimyo. We’ve listed all of these walls below, with details on facilities, lessons, equipment rental and much more.

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Fukuoka City Bulletin June 2015

Selected news topics by Fukuoka Now from Fukuoka’s Shisei Dayori.

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Enjoying SoftBank Hawks Baseball at Fukuoka’s Yahuoku! Dome

Fukuoka is famous for two things. The first? It’s ramen, with its unique Hakata named, pork infused tonkotsu broth. The second, its baseball; the city is home to the 2014 Japan Series winners, the Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks. This combination of food and sport is but one of the reasons why we here at Fukuoka Now love this city. But there is only one place you can go to sample this winning combination at the same time, the Hawk’s home ground: the Fukuoka Yahuoka! Dome.

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Second Base: Honda Yuichi © SoftBank HAWKS

Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks & Japanese Baseball Guide

Four years ago, Fukuoka Now sports correspondent, Matt Schuelling, penned his first report on the SoftBank Hawks. A lot’s changed in the world of Japanese Baseball since then, but one thing that hasn’t is Matt’s undying love for the sport. Following the Hawks’ winning season in 2014, we asked Matt to take another look at the team and write a report to give you all the information you’d ever need for the upcoming baseball season…

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Fukuoka City Bulletin May 2015

Selected news topics by Fukuoka Now from Fukuoka’s Shisei Dayori.

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Historically, Sake was Stored in
Wooden Barrels, Now Most Commonly Seen as Offerings at Shrines

Fukuoka Sake Directory and Map

Below is our guide to 70 sake breweries in Fukuoka Prefecture. Addresses, telephone numbers, public tour information, annual events and their official websites. Be sure to read our feature report on sake in Fukuoka here: http://fukuoka-now.com/feature/sake-guide/

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April 2015 Fukuoka Now

Sakura and ohanami are the darlings of spring in Japan but this month we turn our attention to another much-loved part of Japanese culture and tradition – sake! While many think of Fukuoka as more of a shochu drinking town we discovered that it’s home to a huge array of premium sake producers. And to help you find them, we’ve posted an English language guide to 70 sake breweries in Fukuoka! Meanwhile, our interview this month is with one of the most successful and well known restaurateurs in Japan – Salvatore Cuomo a.k.a “The Pizza Man.” Hear his life story and how he came to live in Fukuoka. On our gourmet page we visit very a unique yatai, Hanayama, in Hakozaki. Finally, have you ever wondered where Watanabe-dori, the big boulevard in Tenjin, got its name? We give you the skinny on that and more in this month’s Fukuoka Topic section. Lots more good information for Fukuoka online too – so go and get it! Share it with your friends too!

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