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Food Expo Kyushu 2015 Report

If Kyushu’s got a reputation for one thing, it’s for having a broad range of absolutely scrummy dishes. Food Expo Kyushu aims to introduce locals and visitors to all the delights this island has to offer, making the most of the sunny (but not stuffy) autumn weather. Fukuoka Now went to check it out on its opening day (Oct. 9).

kyushu food expo oct 2015 001

The Food Expo Kyushu is a huge event spread over four days; over 80 stalls have been set up, all offering a different delicacy. It’s a little bit overwhelming at first, since there are just so many options (and so many enthusiastic salespeople calling to you), so we recommend taking an initial lap to scout out the lay of the land.

kyushu food expo oct 2015 011

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Once we’d taken a little time to explore, we settled on our first dish: the Motsunabe Korokke. We’d tried motsunabe, we’d tried korokke, but we’d never even heard of Motsunabe Korokke. This unusual snack was crunchy on the outside, but surprisingly gooey on the inside (¥250).

kyushu food expo oct 2015 012

kyushu food expo oct 2015 013

We also enjoyed the kakuniman from Kakuniya Kojima (Nagasaki-based): tender braised pork belly wrapped in a slightly sweet, fluffy bun (¥350). This is a seriously more-ish snack!

kyushu food expo oct 2015 019

kyushu food expo oct 2015 021

For dessert, we couldn’t help but sample one of the purr-fect cat-shaped dorayaki. Tamaan, based in Yakuin, Fukuoka, is selling a particularly delicious chestnut dorayaki at this year’s Food Expo Kyushu; it is made using Fukuokan flour and whipped cream from Kyushu (¥390). It was simply ears and whiskers above any other dorayaki we’ve tasted. Paw-sitively delicious. Un-fur-gettable. (We’ll stop now…)

kyushu food expo oct 2015 024

kyushu food expo oct 2015 004

The Local Sake Bar Kyushu offers an almost intimidatingly wide array of locally made alcohols. We sampled the Fuwatoro Pineapple, a shot of sake mixed with pineapple juice and served in a stylish shot glass (¥300). It was sweet, delicious and refreshing after all the deliciously fatty meats we’d just consumed.

kyushu food expo oct 2015 014

kyushu food expo oct 2015 016

It’s very pleasant to sit on one of the chairs provided on the park’s grass, as the leaves on the trees are just beginning to turn red, making for a beautiful backdrop to your lunch or dinner (particularly with the elegant ACROS Building rising in the background). In case the view and tasty treats combined aren’t enough to keep you satisfied, the organisers have also erected a small stage, where a variety of entertainers will be performing. When Fukuoka Now was there, a singer and pianist were performing some relaxed songs for the expo’s patrons.

kyushu food expo oct 2015 005

kyushu food expo oct 2015 018

We came, we saw, we stuffed ourselves with tasty morsels. This is a great place to grab lunch or dinner this holiday weekend!

kyushu food expo oct 2015 023

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• 10/9 (Fri.) ~ 10/12 (Mon.)
• 11:00~20:00 (Fri.), 10:00~20:00 (Sat., Sun.), 10:00~16:00 (Mon.)
• Tenjin Chuo Park
• 1-1 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka
• 092-441-1119 (Food Expo Kyushu 2015 Executive Committee Office)

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Published: Oct 9, 2015 / Last Updated: Apr 1, 2016