Deli Macherie

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This popular deli is run by Sunryon and Hyonsu, an international couple who have spent time in Korea, New York and Beijing. The Takasago shop, their second, opened this July with an eat-in counter. The 20-odd menu items change weekly and include homemade Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Western fare. For the takeaway lunch, pick a box size and let the clerk fill it with what you want. At ¥620, a medium box holds three mains, two sides and a salad. Be sure to try Sunryon’s own veggie-packed tomato and meat curry, and the homemade breads and muffins can’t be beaten.


Deli Macherie
Address: 1F, 1-3-1 Takasago, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka (click for map)
Opens: 10:30~20:30
Closed: Sunday
Tel.: 092-534-7311

Deli set (6 deli items, rice, miso soup)¥880, curry set (w/salad) ¥780, coffee ¥230, Take-out lunch box ¥620(M), ¥680(L), ¥500 (Mini), Take-out coffee ¥180

Originally published in the Fukuoka Now Magazine (fn214, Oct. 2016)


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