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Ramen soup comes in many flavors, from pork bone and soy sauce to miso and seafood, but one flavor that has recently come into vogue is tori­paitan, or chicken broth. Tori­paitan is a rich, milky white broth made from whole chickens and chicken bones which are stewed for 8~10 hours until the soup reaches a porridge-­like consistency. You can choose from three types of noodles: tori­paitan soba (mellow broth, ¥650), noko tori­paitan soba (rich broth, ¥700) or noko tori tsuke­men (rich broth with noodles served on the side for dipping, ¥750). Enjoy the tsukemen with flat noodles, and the soba with chijire (curly noodles). Flavor your dish with either salt or soy sauce, and then garnish it with green onions and bamboo shoots, or, if you want the full poultry experience, chicken meatballs or chicken char siu. Or how about an egg boiled in Japanese dashi (¥100)? Don’t forget to purchase your tickets from the vending machine in advance – the staff can help you.

Address: 1­-5-­23 Akasaka, Chuo­-ku
Open: 11:30~22:00 (or until soup runs out)
Closed: Irregular
Tel.: 092­-791-­7155

Menu: Tori­paitan soba ¥650, noko tori­paitan soba ¥700, noko tsukemen ¥750, half­-size chicken rice set (noodle of choice) +¥150, all chicken set (half­-size chicken rice set + mini agedashi toriten) +¥250, draft beer ¥480, soft drinks ¥200

Originally published in Fukuoka Now Magazine (fn206, Feb. 2016)

Published: Jan 28, 2016 / Last Updated: Jul 4, 2017

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