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Fukuoka Canada Day 2014 – Food Preview

Canadian lobster tail, Canadian pork, beef, poutine and pancakes…. yummmmm! Try these Canadian favorites at the Fukuoka Canada Day Party on Sat., June 28 at Tenjin Monolith.

Yesterday (June 5) we headed down to Tenjin Monolith for a test-tasting. New this year, chefs will cook up a storm with a charcoal barbecue on the outdoor terrace. Here’s a rundown of this year’s menu…

canada day 2014 food 001

canada day 2014 food 003

canada day 2014 food 005

canada day 2014 food 007

canada day 2014 food 010

BBQ Beef Sandwich (¥500, left), BBQ Salmon Sandwich (¥500, back), Lobster Tail (Free for first 300 guests only, pictured right), and Premium Lobster Roll (¥1,000, front)

The one coin food menu includes BBQ Beef Sandwich, BBQ Salmon Sandwich, Pancakes with Maple Syrup, and (how could we forget?) Poutine! If you haven’t tried the delicious concoction of french fries, rich gravy and cheese, here’s your chance.

¥500 BBQ on the Terrace
• BBQ Salmon Sandwich: Crispy bread roll filled with BBQ-grilled Canadian salmon covered in a delicious sauce of maple syrup, soy sauce, salt and pepper.
• BBQ Beef sandwich: Grilled beef with tasty BBQ sauce

¥500 One Coin Menu
• Poutine (crispy french fries with rich gravy and cheddar cheese – sorry poutine purists, but we can’t find cheese curds anywhere in Japan – if you can – please tell us)
• Double stack of pancakes with maple syrup

canada day 2014 food 030

Mmmmmm… Poutine!

canada day 2014 food 009

New this year, we’ve also got a Premium Lobster Roll on sale for ¥1,000 (limited to 50 pcs.).

¥1,000 Premium Menu
• PremiumLobster Roll: Boiled & BBQ’d Canadian lobster served with creamy mayonnaise parsley sauce (limited to 50 pcs.).

Show up early for free lobster!
As well as food sold by the plate, there are special freebies for early guests! That means you need to show up early if you want some delicious lobster tail (trust us, it’s worth it!).

The first 300 guests will enjoy free Canadian lobster tail, with lemon and salt! The first 500 guests can chow down on the Canadian Beef & Pork plate, featuring succulent Canadian roast beef with ginger maple sauce, and Canadian roast pork with barbecue sauce. Plus 1 beer or bottle of Canada Dry Ginger Ale included for the first 500! Guests 500 onwards receive two tickets total for food or drink, but lobster is not included and choice of other food items not guaranteed.

canada day 2014 food 008

Lobster tail for the first 300 guests!

monolith tasting

And you can bet the food at our tasting session was delicious!! Fukuoka Canada Day 2014 is happening Jun. 28 (Fri.), 18:00~late at Tenjin Monolith.
Full party details here:
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Fukuoka Canada Day 2014
• Jun. 28 (Fri.), 18:00~late
• Tenjin Monolith, 1-1-12 Nagahama, Chuo-ku (beside KBC-TV)

TICKETS ¥1,500 Door Only
1. First 300 guests! – Canadian Lobster Tail, Beef & Pork Plate, and Beer
Canadian Lobster Tail, Canadian Beef & Pork Plate and 1 beer OR 1 bottle of Canada Dry Ginger Ale. (¥1,500 each – limited to first 300 guests)

2. Guests 301~500! – Canadian Beef & Pork Plate, and Beer
Canadian Beef & Pork Plate and 1 beer or bottle of Canada Dry Ginger Ale. (¥1,500 each and limited to the 301st to the 500th guest)

3. Guests 501~ Two tickets total for food or drink.
(¥1,500 each, lobster not included and choice of other food items not guaranteed)

Everyone who attends the party has the chance to enter a lucky draw to win a FREE flight to Vancouver on China Airlines.


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Published: Jun 6, 2014 / Last Updated: Apr 1, 2016