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Fukuoka Hatsu-uri and Fukubukuro Guide 2018

Hatsu-uri literally means “first sale”, and is one of many Japanese ‘first-of-the-year’ traditions, which range from hatsu-mode, the first shrine visit of the year, to hatsu-hinode, the first sunrise of the year. Hatsu-uri is just as eagerly anticipated – especially by many women! Like a less aggressive Black Friday, shops all around Japan put everything on sale – some items at jaw-dropping prices. Swarms of eager bargain-hunters crowd shopping malls and department stores, and it’s common to see long queues of people waiting outside before the stores have opened to try and get their hands on popular items, but the wait is half the fun!

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As part of the hatsu-uri tradition, fukubukuro – so-called “good fortune bags” – can be purchased from most shops. This custom is said to date back to the Meiji era, and has its origin in the bag that Daikokuten (one of the seven gods of happiness) carries on his back. The contents of these bags are usually unannounced and unknown to the shoppers. Not knowing what might be in the bags is part of the thrill! The bags are packed often filled with items from the previous year’s stock and could include clothing, makeup items, electrical goods, and so on. If you’re still not convinced, imagine getting a brand new mystery wardrobe for the price of one item in the bag. Recently, department stores have been selling luxury fukubukuro filled with products worth millions of yen. Stores and brands are putting together new types of fukubukuro all the time, so there’s a huge range of fukubukuro to choose from!

Fukuoka Now’s guide to New Year’s sales and fukubukuro provides you with information about the best places to find good bargains around the city. Find out the dates of the New Year sales taking place at major shopping facilities as well as information about the campaigns and products available. Our list of stores selling fukubukuro provides some insight into what you can expect to find inside the bags! Be sure to check the official website of each facility for the latest news and updates. With so many great deals, shopping during the New Year period will surely be a lot of fun!

A few tips for getting your desired fukubukuro:
• Find out if you need a maeuri-ken (advance ticket) to enter your favorite shop. Some shops have this system, some don’t.
• Get to the shop before it opens! There’s usually a line leading to popular stores, with a shop assistant holding a sign directing you to the end of the line. (In previous years, people have waited from midnight outside popular stores like Apple and Yodobashi Camera.)
• Listen for announcements by staff members relating to your fukubukuro
• After you have purchased your fukubukuro, if there are items that you don’t fancy, stick around the shop to see if there are any fellow fukubukuro buyers who are willing to swap some of the contents.

Iwataya Main Store
This year Iwataya has 27,000 fukubukuro for sale, offering between 20% ~ 50% off items. But if you want to ride with the high rollers this year they have a yumebukuro (dream bag), a first in Japan! While the usual fukubukuro is filled with clothes, food, and various interesting items, dream bags have been gaining popularity in recent years and give customers the chance to try out some unbelievable experiences. Three of their limited edition fukubukuro will give lucky winners the chance to travel around Japan in a small chartered aircraft. The trip includes visits to World Heritage sights and famous restaurants, and provides spectacular views from the sky that can only be seen from a small-sized chartered plane. This luxury dream trip can be tailored to the meet the requests of the winners, promising a truly exciting, one of a kind experience!

A First in Japan! Tour Japan via Chartered Plane: Sky Travel Fukubukuro (worth ¥10,800,000)
• Number of yumebukuro available: three (tour is for two persons)
• Itinerary: Eight days, seven nights (departing from Kitakyushu or Saga Airport)
• Address: 2-5-35 Tenjin, Chuo-ku
• Tel.: 092-721-1111
• URL:
• New Year opening hours: 12/31 (Sun.) 10:00~18:00 (*B1F~B2F Main Building 9:30~18:00), 1/2 (Tue.) 9:00~19:00
• Closed: 1/1 (Mon., hol.)

• Clearance sale: 1/4 (Thu.) ~
• Discount rate: 20~50%
• Participating stores selling fukubukuro: all (except a few select stores)

Fukuoka Mitsukoshi
Fukuoka Mitsukoshi is a well-known department store boasting a wide selection of quality products including food, clothes, household furnishing, and kitchen utensils. In addition to the regular 25,000 fukubukuro, this year they’re offering a special “fortune” bag called omikuji wagyu fukubukuro containing top quality meat! The contents will vary depending on the bag, but customers can find a range of discounted products inside, such as sirloin steak from Yamagata Prefecture. The fresh produce section is expecting to sell a huge number of fukubukuro bags. The basement (food section) floor of Mitsukoshi will surely be buzzing with excitement!

Omikuji Wagyu Fukubukuro (worth ¥2,001)

• Daikichi (excellent luck): Yamagata Prefecture sirloin steak (two 150 g steaks)
• Chukichi (moderate luck): Kuroge Wagyu chuck eye roll (for sukiyaki) (400 g)
• Shokichi (a little luck): thinly-sliced Kuroge Wagyu (500 g)

• Address: 2-1-1 Tenjin, Chuo-ku
• Tel.: 092-724-3111
• URL:  
• New Year opening hours: 12/31 (Sun.) 10:00~18:00 (*B1F~B2F main building 9:30~18:00), 1/2 (Tue.) 9:00~19:00
• Closed: 1/1 (Mon., hol.)

• Clearance sale: 1/4 (Thu.) ~
• Discount rate: 20~50%
• Participating stores: all (except a few select stores)
• Participating stores selling fukubukuro: all (except a few select stores)

Hakata Hankyu
Visitors to Hakata Hankyu have a wide choice of high end brands to explore like Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Hermès, and Tiffany & Co. to name a few. Products from popular Japanese cosmetics companies, such as Shiseido and Shu Uemura, can also be found inside the department store. Hankyu will hold an awesome clearance sale starting on New Year’s Day along including 25,000 fukubukuro! Overseas visitors are eligible for a 5% discount on their shopping. Just pick up the 5% discount coupons at the first floor information center. Have a great time searching for bargains!

• Address: 1-1 Hakataekichuogai, Hakata-ku
• Tel.: 092-419-1361
• URL:  
• New Year opening hours: 12/31 (Sun.) 1F~8F 10:00~18:00, BF 9:30~18:00; 1/1 (Mon.) all floors 9:30~20:00; 1/2 (Tue.) ~ 1/3 (Wed.) all floors 10:00~21:00; 1/4 (Thu.) ~ 1/7 (Sun.) BF~4F 10:00~21:00, 5F~8F 10:00~20:00 (B1F~B2F main building 9:30~18:00), 1/2 (Tue.) 9:00~19:00
• Closed: Never

• Clearance sale: 1/1 (Mon., hol.) ~
• Discount rate: about 30% ~
• Participating stores: about 300 brands

• Number of fukubukuro available: 35,000 bags
• Participating stores selling fukubukuro: about 300 brands

JR Hakata City, AMU Plaza and AMU EST
• Sale period: 1/1 (Mon., hol.) 9:30~21:00
• URL:

• Sale period: 1/1 (Mon., hol.) 10:00~19:00
• URL:

Marinoa City Fukuoka
• Sale period: 1/1 (Mon., hol.) ~ 1/4 (Thu.) 10:00~21:00(1/1: 9:30~ )
• URL:

Brenda Law
• Sale period: 1/2 (Tue.) 9:00~20:00
• URL:

Canal City Hakata
• Sale period: 1/2 (Tue.) shops 9:00~21:00, restaurants 9:00~23:00
• URL:

Daimaru Fukuoka Tenjin
• Sale period: 1/2 (Tue.) 9:00~20:00
• URL:

Fukuoka Parco
• Sale period: 1/2 (Tue.) 9:00~22:30
• URL:

Hakata Riverain Mall
• Sale period: 1/2 (Tue.) 10:30~19:30
• URL:

• Sale period: 1/2 (Tue.) 9:00~20:00 (B2F~4F, 5F Shimamura Music)
• URL:

Mina Tenjin
• Sale period: 1/2 (Tue.) 9:30~20:00
• URL:

Tenjin Chikagai
• Sale period: 1/2 (Tue.) shops 9:00~20:00, restaurants 9:00~21:00
• URL:

• Sale period: 1/2 (Tue.) shops 9:00~21:00, restaurants 9:00~23:00
• URL:

NOTE: The information presented here was gathered and summarized by the Fukuoka Now staff. While we have done our best to check for accuracy, there might be errors and details may have changed. If you notice any errors or changes, please contact us. This report was updated in Dec. 2017.

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Published: Dec 21, 2017 / Last Updated: Jan 4, 2018