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Funanorikomi – June Kabuki Canal Procession

Under a sunny sky today, the kabuki actors along with invited VIP paraded down the Naka River while fans cheered on from the riverbanks. The procession began at Seiryu Park and ended at Hakata Riverain where Fukuoka’s kabuki theater, Hakataza, is located. Fukuoka Now also attended – and here are our snaps taken from inside one of the boats. The event is a warm-up to the June kabuki performances which run from June 2 to June 26, and some tickets are still available. If you haven’t seen live kabuki yet, you really should! June’s performances are particularly special as veteran actor Nakamura Shikan performs on stage with his three sons. Enjoy this rare chance to see four family members on stage. For more information acess here

• 6/2 (Fri.) ~ 6/26 (Mon.)
• Matinee: 11:00~, Evening: 16:30~
• A: ¥18,000; Special B: ¥15,000; B: ¥12,000; C: ¥5,000
• Hakataza Theater
• 2-1 Shimokawabata-machi, Hakata-ku
• 092-263-5555 (10:00~18:00)

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Published: May 29, 2017 / Last Updated: May 29, 2017