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Happy Birthday Hippo!

Congratulations to Yasu and his staff today for their first year anniversary! Hippo is a funky little bakery tucked on the side of the Kaoi Surf Shop and cafe/bar along the beach in Imajuku, Nishi-ku. Some readers might recognize Yasu from his days of baking in Itoshima. Not surprising he’s kept close to the sea, with his sunny disposition and some of his most popular breads. His French stick rivals any, but we love his more creative items such as Gobo Bread. Relatively new, and already a hit with his foreign clientele is the humongous Cinnamon Roll. There a tiny counter for eat-in and coffee, and one equally tiny table outside hardly big enough for a Hippo… so the naming remains a mystery. Address: 1-11-8 Imajukuekimae, Nishi-ku, Open: 7:00~16:00. Closed: Tuesday, Tel: 092-985-1926 住所:福岡市西区今宿駅前1-11-8、営業時間:7:00~16:00、定休日:火曜日、電話:092-985-1926

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Fukuoka City
Published: May 1, 2014 / Last Updated: Apr 1, 2016