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Welcome to Fukuoka Now Classifieds – the quickest and most effective way to share messages within Kyushu’s international community since 1993 (in one form or another)! Important Disclaimer Fukuoka Now is neither responsible nor liable for the contents of messages posted. Please use common sense when dealing with unknown people via this service. We hope you find this service useful, but remember to be clear and honest with others. If you mislead or provide false information, your account will be deleted. This is a privately-run service offered for free and without any guarantee or promise of support. Regular   (Free) Messages Free messages are primarily intended to be used by individuals. However, associations and businesses can also post regular (free) messages, provided they comply with the policies described below. Buy, Sell or Recycle -For sale -Wanted – Free! Language Instruction or Exchange Private teacher wanted -Private instruction offered -Language exchange Schools offering classes* -Schools offering teaching positions Jobs (non-language instruction) -Non-language instruction jobs offered* -Non-language instruction jobs wanted Connections Announcements Accommodation -Accommodation offered -Accommodation wanted Paid Messages The following types of messages are NOT free but can be posted for a fee and will be displayed more prominently and remain higher on the list of postings. -Sale of vehicles with engines over 50cc -Sale or rental of real estate (including room share offers) -Sale of any single item valued over ¥100,000 -Offer or promotion of for-profit services* *Exception: Messages advertising foreign language instruction on a private basis are FREE! Recognizing that a significant percentage of Fukuoka Now readers supplement their income through foreign language teaching, messages promoting paid instruction on a private basis (not affiliated with a language school) can be posted without charge. This exemption does not apply to editing, proofreading or interpreting services.