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JR Kyushu Foreign Student Pass 5th Anniversary Competition

JR Kyushu & Fukuoka Now – JR Kyushu Foreign Student Pass 5th anniversary competition
(for foreign students in Japan only)


The winner will be given a pair of JR-Kyushu Foreign Student All Kyushu area passes each plus ¥30,000 per person (¥60,000 total) towards other travel costs.

About the competition:
★ To enter, please submit a 3-day Kyushu travel plan to the website below:
★ Please choose a theme for your travel plan, such as “a trip to brag about”, “a trip to enjoy with family”, “a trip to try something new”, “a trip to sample local cuisine”, “a trip to experience Japanese culture” etc.


Eligibility and conditions:
★ To enter, applicants must be foreign students of non-Japanese nationality who are studying at a university, two-year college, or Japanese language school or similar in Japan. *Applicants must have a residence status of “留学”(Ryugaku).
★ Applicants can make multiple entries.
★ Applications can be made in Japanese or English only.
★ The maximum length of the plan is 800 words.
★ Participants must take at least one Kyushu Shinkansen “bullet train” or one limited express train each day of the 3 days of travel.
★ The winning applicants are expected to travel according to their proposed plans, and submit a report on the experience.

The travel reports will be posted on the Fukuoka Now website!
*The Fukuoka Now website has over 190,000 views per month.

Important Dates:
Application deadline: July 13, 2015
Selection date: July 17, 2015
Travel period: must be completed by September 30, 2015
Report deadline: must submit report within 2 weeks of completing travel


Application portal, apply using the link below:

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JR Kyushu Foreign Student Pass (JR九州 留学生パス)

If you are in Japan as an “Exchange Student” or “Student”, you are eligible to purchase a Foreign Student Rail Pass. To buy one, you must bring along your certificate of alien registration or Residence Card to any participating ticket office. JR Kyushu has a website explaining the pass, but it is in Japanese only. Read on here for details in English:


JR Kyushu Foreign Student Pass (JR九州留学生パス)
Price: The price of the Foreign Student Pass is the same as the Kyushu Rail Pass. There are two options: the 3 Day North Kyushu Pass for ¥7,200 or the 3 Day All Kyushu Pass for ¥14,400. Five day passes are not available.
Rules: Rules and conditions are very similar to the Kyushu Rail Pass. You can take any JR train in Kyushu except the Sanyo Shinkansen between Kokura and Hakata/Hakata-Minami. However, unlike the Kyushu Pass, the Foreign Student Pass does not include seat reservations, and if you would like to reserve a seat this must be paid for separately. While most trains have both reserved and non-reserved seating, there are some exceptions where you must pay for a seat reservation as no unreserved seating is available:

  • Yufuin no Mori (Hakata-Yufuin-Oita-Beppu)
  • Limited Express Aso Boy! (Kumamoto-Miyaji)
  • SL Hitoyoshi (Kumamoto-Hitoyoshi)
  • Limited Express Ibusuki no Tamatebako (Kagoshima Chuo-Ibusuki)
  • Limited Express A Ressha de Iko (Kumamoto-Misumi)

Seat reservations cannot be purchased at child rates and this pass does not cover any Green Class seat or tickets on JR Bus lines. Despite this, the price is very reasonable. The All Area Pass is cheaper than a single to Kagoshima from Hakata and if you plan to travel to Kumamoto, the North Kyushu Pass is cheaper than a single fare from Hakata. You can find some fare standards in this post about Kyushu Rail Pass. This pass is fantastic value for money!

You can purchase the Foreign Student Rail Pass at most stations in Kyushu and JR Kyushu travel centers in Kyushu. You cannot purchase the pass outside of Kyushu.

Published: Jun 15, 2015 / Last Updated: Apr 1, 2016