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Kyushu Moto Guzzi & Magni Rally 2014

Here we go again – the Kyushu Moto Guzzi & Magni Rally for 2014 is slated for Sunday, Oct. 19 – and at a new venue in Kuju, Oita Prefecture. We’ve reserved the a wide grass-covered parking area inside the “Kuju Hana Koen (Kuju Flower Park) – so there’s lots of room, convenient facilities and mountain in every direction. Anyone interested in Moto Guzzi bikes is welcome to attend. From 11:00 we’ll begin to line the bikes up and at 12:00 noon we’ll take a group photo, followed by a photos of each bike and its owner. From 14:00 a Genhis Kan BBQ lunch is offered (¥1,500~¥2,000). It included a salad bar and looks really good. The venue gave us the space for the event in return for us booking at least 20 lunches, so please make a reservation by send sending an email to us here: guzzi (@) Please sign-up!

Riders of other brands of bikes are welcome to attend, but are kindly asked to park in another area very close by. As usual, we remind everyone to please do not create unecessary noise, do not drink alcohol, and do not liter.

Venue Info: “Kuju Hana Koen (Kuju Flower Park)

10:00 ~ open
11:00 ~ line up the bikes for the group photo
12:00 ~ 12:10 group photo
14:00 ~ BBQ lunch
15:00 end

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Oita Prefecture
Published: Oct 20, 2014 / Last Updated: Apr 1, 2016