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La Carne: Fukuoka’s Steak Specialists

Discerning carnivores, your paradise has been built: La Carne specialises in thick, juicy steaks.
The emphasis here is on the individual’s quest to find their perfect steak dinner, so the selection here is impressive. Diners can choose from three continents of steak: American grain-fed, Chilean grass-fed, and Kagoshima Wagyu beef (A4 rank). But first-timers are encouraged to try one of the meat platters, such as the USA & Chile Mix La Carne Plate: a selection of Chilean and American steaks served medium rare with hot stones for customers to cook the meat to their perfect level of pink (plus their heavenly homemade pork sausages). Diners are also advised to experiment by combining the different meats with the eight available homemade sauces, from Pebre (Chilean salsa) to onion sauce (one free per customer, maybe two if you break out the puppy dog eyes). If you also want to sample the Wagyu beef, then you should opt for the Country Competition La Carne Plate (US sirloin/ribeye, Chilean sirloin/ribeye, 30 day dry aged US chuck eye roll, and Satsuma Wagyu steak). Those who would prefer something a little different might like to try their beef stew, the beef tongue steak, or their 100% beef hamburger. Pescetarians (or those who don’t want to indulge in quite so much protein) can enjoy some delicious salmon wings or salmon steak, or try one of their salads (such as the shrimp & avocado salad or the bagna cauda with vegetable batons). La Carne recommends trying a tipple of pisco sour cocktail with your steak, but traditionalists can sample one of the wide range of Chilean and Argentine wines on offer. If you find kanji confusing, then you can ask for one of their excellent English menus, which explains the different cuts and kinds of meat.

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La Carne is the brainchild of managing director Tsurumaki-san, a meat and salmon wholesaler who fell in love with Chilean steak on a business trip many moons ago. When the opportunity came to open his own restaurant, he set about finding an authentic Chilean grill, and having the chef trained by the family that owned his favourite steakhouse in Chile (the family’s photo is proudly displayed at the reception desk).

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They had the grill, they had the chef, now they needed the meat. Tsurumaki-san is still a wholesaler, the only one to import Chilean beef into West Japan, which not only means the steaks (and salmon) here are exceptionally good value (there’s no middle man to take a cut), but also that this meat-lover could tailor his meat to his exact specifications. He chose to offer his customers chilled beef: the meat is not frozen during transit, but kept at 0~2℃, allowing the meat to mature and become melt-in-the-mouth tender. They also serve steaks which have been dry-aged over 30 days, performing the complicated process on the premises (you can see these maturing meats in glass-fronted fridges on the first floor). What’s more, you can buy vacuum packed steaks at the restaurant, and take them home to cook – so once you’ve found your ideal steak, you can stock up!

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La Carne’s food is packed with flavour, and you can really taste the care and attention that has been lavished upon it; forget soulmates, this is the perfect place to find your steak-mate.

La Carne
Address: 1-1 Yoshizuka-honmachi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka
Hours: 11:30~15:00, 18:00~24:00
Closed: Tue.
Reservations: recommended
Tel: 092-260-8929

Menu: USA & Chile Mix La Carne Plate (M / serves 1-2) ¥4,200, Country Competition La Carne Plate ¥4,200 (M / serves 1-2), 100% beef hamburger ¥1,050 (200g), beef tongue steak ¥1,500, beef stew ¥1,000, 30-day dry-aged American chuck eye roll ¥1,000 (100g), dry-aged Chilean sirloin steak ¥2,000, Satsuma Kagoshima Wagyu rump steak ¥1,400 (100g), salmon wings ¥600, thick-cut salmon steak ¥1000, glass of wine ¥400~, draft beer ¥500~
English menu available.

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Published: Sep 16, 2015 / Last Updated: Apr 1, 2016