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Leon Keer – 3D Artist in Tenjin

Leon Keer, from from Utrecht, Netherlands, is an accomplished mural artist, best known for his 3D street art. Leon made his Japanese debut in Fukuoka this April (4/4~8), transforming the sidewalk outside Iwataya Building in Tenjin into one of his famous 3D artworks! Leon’s trip to Fukuoka coincided with Fashion Week Fukuoka, so his concept was quite suitably fashion-related (while keeping his quirky sense of humour). The 3D illusion artwork depicted three piggy banks on a fashion runway, each with a different design: one decked out in Burberry print, one featuring a Netherlands-inspired design, and the third a regular pink pig. It was a fascinating sight to see as Leon brought the piece to life – which only appears in 3D from one particular angle. From all other vantage points the piece appeared warped and stretched.

Fukuoka Now dropped to see the finished artwork and say “otsukare!” to Leon! Check out our photos below…

For more of Leon Keer’s work, visit his official HP:

Published: Apr 12, 2013 / Last Updated: Apr 1, 2016