Spring Festival in Fukuoka

A spring festival featuring a variety of Chinese, Korean and Japanese performances, with music featuring wadaiko, morin khuur and other traditional Asian instruments…

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National Treasure Sword ‘Heshikiri Hasebe’ at Fukuoka City Museum

The national treasure sword ‘Heshikiri Hasebe’, will be on display at Fukuoka City Museum from Thursday Jan 5 to Feb 5. The sword was owned by famous feudal lords like…

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Finnish Design 2017

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Finland’s independence, this exhibition introduces Finnish design. Finland is renowned for its rich natural capital…

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Exhibition of Angling Culture in Japan

Fishing is a sport enjoyed by over seven million people in Japan and traces its history as a recreational activity to the Edo period. This exhibition introduces the history of recreational fishing in Japan and…

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Fukuoka Tower Halloween Events 2016

Fukuoka Tower will be hosting various Halloween-themed events over the next few weeks…

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