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Nakasu Jazz 2014

Lots of cultural events are happening around town this autumn including the 6th annual Nakasu Jazz festival, which is growing both in the quality of performances and audience size. Here are two acts not to be missed!


1. Don’t miss! HEX – Toshio Matsuura
DJ/Creative/Radio Presenter and the original founding member of internationally acclaimed DJ unit, United Future Organization (U.F.O.) is joined by a quartet of musicians consisting of Kan Sano on keyboards & programming, Midorin on drums, Shikou Ito on piano and Yoshihito P Koizumi on bass, and the sixth side of the hexagon is recording engineer zAk. HEX is already setting the pace for a new brand of crossover Jazz from Tokyo to the world. Catch them live in Nakasu on Sep. 12

hex 2
Photo by Mari Amita

2. Don’t miss! Keith Middleton
One of the earliest members of the Off Broadway powerhouse Stomp, Keith Middleton has been pounding the stage in the show where performers turn everyday objects such as matchboxes, brooms, and garbage cans into the fundamental building blocks of a dance, music and theatrical performance. Joining him on stage on Sep. 13 are local artists GUN, Pepe Ito, Jun, Hiro, and URA Hironori.


Nakasu Jazz 2014
9/12 (Fri.), 13 (Sat.) @ Nakasu area
Event listing here.

Published: Aug 28, 2014 / Last Updated: Apr 1, 2016