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New Popcorn Shop “Clap Your Hands” Opens in Daimyo

A brand new specialty popcorn shop “Clap Your Hands” opened in Daimyo on August 1st. Measuring in at only 3m2, the tiny shop space is packed to the brim with tasty popcorn in eleven flavors. Prices start at ¥300 for a small cup, to ¥3,000 for a tin, and flavors include vanilla, coffee, butter, tiramisu, berry berry (limited), olive oil & salt, caramel, cheddar & caramel mix, salted caramel, cheddar, and cheddar & black pepper. Using corn from Nebraska, USA, butter from Sado, Niigata, and organic sea salt from Sicily, Italy – this isn’t your ordinary popcorn. The popcorn is air-popped so it’s a much healthier version of the oily popcorn you may be familiar with. Clap Your Hands 105 ARK CUBE, 1-3-5 Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, Tel.: 092-752-0248, Open: 11:00~21:00,

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Published: Aug 5, 2014 / Last Updated: Apr 1, 2016