152 Kyushu Companies are National Leaders

The Fukuoka branch of Tokyo Shoko Research revealed the results of its survey of Kyushu and Okinawa Prefectures that have the highest market share in their business sectors in Japan. This year, 152 regional companies are national leaders, an increase of eight companies from the previous survey held in 2007. Of these, 34 have never […]

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Sharp Drop in Attendance at Nagasaki A-Bomb Museum

In an effort to increase attendance at the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum, officials provided explanations of 270 items in Chinese and Korean in addition to the Japanese- and English-language explanations. Their effort did result in an uptick in visits from Chinese and Koreans through 2007, but the global economic downturn that began in the fall […]

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School District Data Sold to Homebuyers

Fukuoka City-based construction consultant Selkon is selling a reference work called Pittan Koku containing information on the 264 primary schools in the 19 school districts in the greater metropolitan area. The target audience is families who have moved to the area but who lack knowledge of the neighborhoods. They got the idea from respondents’ requests […]

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Higashi Fukuoka High School National Rugby Champs

Higashi Fukuoka High School trounced Toin Gakuen of Kanagawa 31-5 in the 89th National High School Boys Rugby Championship to claim their second national title, and their first in two years. The team also won the national elimination tournament held in the spring, making them only the third school ever to hold both titles simultaneously. […]

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Mitsubishi Electric to Mass Produce Power Semiconductors in Kyushu

Mitsubishi Electric announced they plan to begin trial production within the year in their Fukuoka City plant of next generation power semiconductors that help cut power loss by 90%. The semiconductors are widely used in products with motors, including hybrid and electric automobiles, the Shinkansen, and elevators. They will be the first company in the […]

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Council Planned to Solicit Aircraft Companies to Kitakyushu Airport

Fukuoka Prefecture Gov. Wataru Aso announced that he intends to establish early this year a council that will try to get companies in the aircraft industry to relocate on the artificial island that is the site of the Kitakyushu Airport. He said the prefecture intends to pursue this policy in tandem with efforts to make […]

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Fukuoka Prefecture Mulling Establishment of Two Special Districts

Fukuoka Prefecture Gov. Wataru Aso said that the prefecture would ask the national government for financial assistance to establish two special districts. One would be for promoting exchange with Asian countries through joint R&D projects, business ties, environmental cooperation, and personnel exchange. The other would be for expanding the period of labor for the elderly […]

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30% of Fukuoka City Companies Forego Salary Increases

The Fukuoka Chamber of Commerce and Industry released its survey of salary conditions at companies in the greater Fukuoka City area for 2009 that showed 30.4% of the companies had no salary increases for the year. That is a 6.4 percentage-point increase over the previous year. The Chamber of Commerce says this demonstrates the major […]

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Fukuoka Prefecture to Close Seoul Office

Fukuoka Prefecture Gov. Wataru Aso said at his regularly scheduled news conference that the prefecture would close its office in Seoul at the end of March. In giving the reason for the withdrawal, he said, “There is no longer any need for the office’s original function of gathering information to provide to give advice to […]

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Fukuoka Airport Expansion Might Use American Military Space at Facility

American diplomatic sources confirmed that consideration is being given to an expansion plan to use the space at the airport now reserved for the American military and Japan’s Air Self-Defense Forces. It is possible that the Americans would move to those now occupied by the JASDF and establish joint occupancy. That would free up the […]

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