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Miyazaki Bank to Cultivate Avocados

Miyazaki Bank announced on August 2 that it has established an agricultural corporation with Miyazaki Venture Capital group. One of the major aims is to cultivate avocados and create a new Miyazaki agricultural brand in the process. The move represents one of the first times that financial institutes alone have tried to seriously tackle the problems that face agriculture and revitalise the local industry. Greenhouses are set to be constructed in 15 farmlands around the Tomiyoshi area of ​​Miyazaki, with the aim of shipping out around one ton of avocados by the third year. The initiative is seeking guidance from farmers and universities in an effort to improve the quality of their products. The president of the agricultural corporation also expressed a desire for the project to create employment opportunities for people looking to get into agriculture. Source: Sankei Biz,

Photo: そらみみ

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Miyazaki Prefecture
Published: Aug 7, 2017 / Last Updated: Aug 7, 2017