Nippon Now! – Culture Day Event 2015

Nippon Now!
by Fukuoka Now x JR Hakata City

Nov. 3 (Tue., National Holiday), Culture Day
15:00〜21:00 at JR Kyushu Hall

Dive deep into Japanese culture.
Six hours packed with entertainment, food & drink! This event promises to be a blast for foreigners and Japanese alike. Celebrate Japanese Culture Day together. Bring along family and friends!


Starring – Katsura Sunshine – Rakugo Performer
Hugely popular in Tokyo, London, around the world and on television, Katsura Sunshine performs his hilarious rakugo (traditional Japanese comic storytelling) twice at this event. Once in Japanese and once in English. “A raconteur extraordinaire! One of a kind! Sunshine is a star!” -The Japan Times

Live Amateur Sumo Wrestling!
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Brilliantly timed in parallel with the Kyushu Basho, Fukuoka Now proudly presents the “Hakata Basho Sumo Tournament”. Regular people of all ages, sizes and shapes put on our protective sumo suits and wrestle on stage for prizes and glory! Join in! Cheer them on! It’s going to be CRAZY!

Interested in wrestling onstage? Apply here!

Adachi Sendensya
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Parading inside and outside the venue, elaborately costumed street musicians perform and entertain throughout the event. Everyone enjoys these old-time marching bands!

Tomoko & Shoko Kawahara
No other music represents Japan as beautifully as the large stringed koto, Japan’s national instrument. Don’t miss these highly acclaimed sisters as they perform a selection of modern adaptations. Spell-binding!

Kimono Photo Salon
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Ever wanted to dress up in a kimono, but couldn’t bring yourself to pay the steep prices demanded at some rental salons? At the Nippon Now! event on Nov. 3 you can have an expert carefully wrap you in an exquisite kimono for free! Participants can then take as many photos as they like in front of our backdrop. Alternatively, rent a kimono for two hours for just ¥1,000 (inside venue only).

Taiko Drumming
Feel the rhythm, roar and thunder of Japan as you’re swept away by the drumming skills of thirteen-member Itoshima Nijo Kizuna Taiko Group. They will rock you!

Japanese Refreshments
-food drink
Sip Japanese drinks – including sake, shochu, umeshu, beer and green tea – or chow down on some a big variety of delicious Japanese foods.

Sweet-making Demonstrations from Ishimura Manseido
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Ishimura Manseido will be holding sweet-making demonstrations at our Nippon Now event! They have been bringing tasty sweet treats to Hakata for hundreds of years, and now they’ll be bringing them to our party. Watch and learn as their culinary craftsmen create delicious wagashi before your eyes, and the buy some to eat then or to take home as sweet souvenirs. Choose between shoutou (sweet potato, grated yam, matcha and anko), yamayoso-ou (sweet potato and bean paste, decorated to look like beautiful autumn foliage), and yowaigusa (a mixture of red beans and sugar cut and arranged into the shape of chrysanthemums, a symbol of longevity).

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Ollie Horn & Bobby Judo (Comedy Fukuoka)

Nippon Now!
Nov. 3 (Tue.), 15:00~21:00
Tickets: ¥1,000 (available at the door)
Venue: JR Kyushu Hall (JR Hakata City 9F, above JR Hakata Station)

Tickets are available at the door, but if you prefer to buy tickets in advance in one of two ways: (1) online via the form below (¥100 surcharge) or at the Tourist Information Counter on the ground floor of JR Hakata Station (no surcharge).

Presented by: Fukuoka Now, JR Hakata City