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Over the years dozens if not hundreds of talented people have contributed to our magazine and this website. It just dawned on us that we should post an introduction to some them and a list of their work. If you’d like to volunteer (work for experience) please fill out the form here.

KATIE FORSTER Contributor 2013~14
“Fukuoka is a great place to live, and there is always something interesting going on. Writing for Fukuoka Now this year has introduced me to exciting new corners of the city, such as Yanagibashi market and the top of Fukuoka Tower, and pushed me to make the most of the varied cultural events on offer, from exhibitions and concerts to film screenings. Contributing a monthly ‘In Fukuoka’ interview to the magazine has given me the opportunity to meet an inspiring cross-section of Fukuoka’s international population, including the head of a businesswomen’s association, a top New York chef and a charming local jazz musician. I have been able to develop my writing style through event previews, short news clips and longer features, as well as my editing skills by helping to fine-tune an assortment of content for both the website and print magazine. I am now doing further journalism-related work experience in Tokyo and I hope to return to Fukuoka again one day!”
Contents list:
The Grizzly Folk Release Album Recorded in Fukuoka
Saga International Balloon Fiesta 2013
Gaikokujin Star Tanjo 2013 Report
• Oktoberfest 2013 Report
In Fukuoka Interview: Joëlle Sambuc Bloise
‘Art Brut Japonais’ at Fukuoka Art Museum Report
In Fukuoka Interview: Chonnakarn Akrapreedee
“HAFU” Special Screening in Fukuoka – Report
In Fukuoka Interview: Quin Arbeitman
Yanagibashi Market Report
In Fukuoka Interview:Kyle Ricks
In Fukuoka Interview: Jaap Mulder
Fukuoka Tower Report
In Fukuoka Interview: Wayne Macpherson
New Fukuoka-born app HalalMinds helps Muslims find Halal food in Japan
Fruit Shake & Bar Yoji (participated as model)





MARY-ROSE SHAND Contributor 2012~13
“Contributing to Fukuoka Now is a fantastic way to join Fukuoka’s incredibly inclusive and lively international community. My highlight of this last year was my invitation, as a reporter for Fukuoka Now, to join Fukuoka’s first and second TED conferences – Fukuoka’s inimitable opportunity to present its local talent to the global platform that TED facilitates. The event was a huge success and I will always remember it as a unique experience of my time Fukuoka. Attending Fukuoka Now parties is a great way to meet new friends and to check out a luxury locations in the city, and there are always great prizes and food and drink deals available. I also got to interview a local artist, meet a City Hall Official to discuss a tourism venture, and interview a UN Official at their Asian regional office in Fukuoka – all of whom were incredibly kind, interesting, and generous with their time and knowledge. Involvement with Fukuoka Now means you’re the first to know of events happening in the area, but they’ll support your own interests or projects that you want to pursue too, and their mix of English and Japanese-speaking staff and contacts makes sure you’ll have access to a range of resources. The best thing about Fukuoka Now, I feel, are its kind and friendly staff who just want to help you get to know Japan, and can offer you some pretty amazing experiences while you’re at it!”
Contents list:
In Fukuoka Interview: Michelle Zacharias
Kawaii means Business!
Two Theater Reviews: We’re Gonna Go Dancing /Aoi tori Aoi Tori Aoi …
TEDxFukuoka 2013 Report
Proof-reading English text for Fukuoka Shopping Guide
In Fukuoka Interview: Srinivasa Popuri
• Modelling: Fukuoka’s Best Dishes

fn177-infukuoka-popuri 085



JESSE KIRKWOOD Contributor 2012~13
“Apart from a short opinion piece which I wrote in a hurry and contributed in March, my main work for Fukuoka Now this year consisted of a report on the annual Hakata Gion Yamakasa event. The two weeks I spent attending ceremonies, watching practice runs and interviewing longtime participants for the report provided some of the most exhilarating and fascinating moments of my year in Japan, and certainly the greatest sense of connection with the local community. I learned a great deal about the importance of planning (particularly for shooting photos) and interview technique, and was able to meet some very interesting people along the way. Of course there is a fair amount of stress involved, especially given other (university/work) commitments, but it is a healthy kind of stress and squeezing the FN work in this year is a choice I am very glad to have made.”
Contents list:
Dodesho: Bucking the Brand
Yamakasa is in Full Swing – Photo Report
Hakata Gion Yamakasa 2013 – Report 




MATT PERKINS Contributor 2012~13
While in Fukuoka studying Japanese, Oxford University graduate Matt Perkins dedicated his spare time to uncovering Fukuoka’s local theater and performing arts scene. The “Theater Guide” was created to inform foreigners interested in theater about the venues, resources and events available in Fukuoka.
Contents list:
 Fukuoka Theater Guide
In Fukuoka Interview: Michelle Zacharias
Theater Review : Jane Eyre at Hakata-za
Theater Review: Yukio Suzuki’s ‘Volatile Body Theory’
Theater Review! Edaniku at Pomplaza Hall
Two Theater Reviews: We’re Gonna Go Dancing /Aoi tori Aoi Tori Aoi …
Yoshiko Swain, Artistic Director of Fukuoka Dance Fringe Festival
• ‘Every Person is Giant’ – Erika Yamada, Director of Space GIGA
‘Walk like a Samurai’ – a Kabuki Workshop 
Run, Melos: Theater Review




Published: Aug 18, 2014 / Last Updated: Apr 1, 2016