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クオカ・ナウ編集長ニック・サーズ、 NHKの海外向け番組「NHK ワールド」デビュー!ニックがナビゲーターを務めた九州SL列車の旅が、明日5/25(土)世界中に放映されます!NHKワールドのWEBサイトや IOS、アンドロイドのアプリでも視聴できるので、6回の放映スケジュールや詳細はここをチェックしてね。


More about the show:
Known as the Treasury of Railway Heritage, this century-old line has many historic stations and bridges, and is a popular destination for rail enthusiasts. Nick travels along the Kuma River on the Steam Locomotive Hitoyoshi; transfers to the Isaburo Shinpei, which climbs slopes using a loop and a switchback; and boards Hayato no Kaze, a limited express to arrive at Sakurajima. On the way he tastes the local ekiben lunch boxes, and experiences the magnificent natural landscape.

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Published: May 21, 2013 / Last Updated: 7月 26, 2017