Fukuoka Winter Illumination Guide 2015

쿠오카의 거리가 빛으로 물드는 겨울. 환상적인 분위기 속에서 즐거운 한때를 즐겨보자.


Marinoa City Fukuoka Sweet Christmas 2015
Look out for a six-meter-tall Christmas tree, a Santa house and a “donut” slide near the Step Hiroba. You can also check out the Daihatsu Midget (Nokonoshima Island Park model) tricked out with lights! There are cute candy-themed lights dotted around elsewhere, and several other illumination spots, such as a tunnel of lights, a seaside tree, and a ferris wheel. This is a great place for budding photographers!

marinoa illumination 6 copy

marinoa illumination 5

marinoa illumination 4

• 11/7 (Sat.) ~ 12/25 (Fri.)
• 17:00~21:00 *Marina Side Bldg. ~23:00
• 50,000 lights
• Marinoa City Fukuoka, Organic Garden, Step Hiroba etc. (5 places in Marinoa)
• 2-12-30 Odo, Nishi-ku
• 092-892-8700

Fukuoka Tower – Momochi Blue Light Illumination 2015
This is the 20th anniversary of Momochi Blue Light Christmas. Last year saw 100,000 visitors travelling to the Tower to glimpse the 108 m tall Christmas tree! The tower’s state-of-the-art LED lights are also used to depict snowfall and colorful Xmas ornaments. The big man himself even appears every once in awhile, so don’t miss your chance to see Santa! The surrounding trees are also decorated with pretty blue lights, contributing to the seasonal atmosphere.


• 11/20 (Fri.) ~ 1/31 (Sun.) *Christmas tree illumination until 12/25
• 17:00~23:00 (12/23 ~ 12/25: 17:00~24:00)
• 120,000 lights
• Fukuoka Tower Area
• 2-3-26 Momochihama, Sawara-ku
• 092-823-0234

Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk – Christmas Illumination
The Hilton’s decorations feature a 101 ㎡ model of a wintery European town with a large-scale model train whizzing through it. The trains are decorated with corporate logos of local companies that have pledged money to local orphanages. The display uses G-gage trains by famous German train-maker LEHMANN and is fully functional. The kids (and parents) will love it!

• 11/10 (Tue.) ~ 12/25 (Fri.)
• 17:00~24:00
• Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk
• 2-2-3 Jigyohama, Chuo-ku
• 092-844-8111

Akasaka Chapelle Des Anges: 2015 Christmas Illumination
The theme of this church’s display is “Brides of Lights”. The building itself will be decorated with Christmas lights, and you can hang your Christmas wish on a tree outside of the church, which has been topped with a golden star. Christmas Candle Night will be held on Dec. 24: the chapel will be open to the public for viewers to enjoy the numerous candles lit throughout the building.


• 10/31 (Sat.) ~ 2/28 (Sun.)
• 17:00~23:00
• 10,000 lights
• Akasaka Chapelle Des Anges
• 1-1-5 Otemon, Chuo-ku
• 092-736-7755

Tenjin Chikagai – Tenchika Thank You Christmas
The 590 m long lanes of Tenjin Chikagai are illuminated with tens of thousands of champagne-colored lights. Enjoy a nice, prettily lit walk through the Tenjin Chikagai this Christmas!

chikagai 2

• 11/13 (Fri.) ~ 12/25 (Fri.)
• 5:30~24:30 *12/25 until 21:00
• 120,000 lights
• Tenjin Chikagai
• 1~3 2, Tenjin, Chuo-ku
• 092-711-1903
*photo from last year

Solaria Plaza – Solaria Plaza X’mas
Solaria Plaza’s atrium (which was renewed last April) houses a huge Christmas tree, considered a classic symbol of Christmas in Tenjin. The greenery of the fir tree blends with the plants that decorate the plaza, and all of these can soak up the sun in this light-filled atrium. A nice oasis from the hectic city!

[Photo: From last year (will be updated soon!)]

• 11/13 (Fri.) ~ 12/25 (Fri.)
• 10:00~24:00
• 1F Solaria Plaza, Zephyr
• 2-2-43 Tenjin, Chuo-ku
• 092-733-7777

Solaria Stage – Solacchi Star Parade
Solaria Stage’s mascot character, Solacchi, spins around and greets everyone from above the entrance. This year’s theme is “Parade”, so there’ll also be decorative stars, musical notes, and even whole floats – all picked out in gold!

solaria stage
[Photo: From last year (will be updated soon!)]

• 11/13 (Fri.) ~ 12/25 (Thu.)
• 17:00~24:00
• Solaria Stage Entrance Hall
• 2-11-3 Tenjin, Chuo-ku
• 092-733-7111

Fukuoka Mitsukoshi – Life is a Gift
A popular meeting spot in Fukuoka City, Mitsukoshi’s Lion Hiroba becomes a dreamy Christmas scene once again! Don’t miss the lions themselves, who have got all dressed up for the occasion!

[Photo: From last year (will be updated soon!)]

• 11/13 (Fri.) ~ Dec. 25 (Fri.)
• 10:00~23:00 *12/25: ~20:00
• Fukuoka Mitsukoshi Lion Hiroba
• 2-2-1 Tenjin, Chuo-ku
• 092-724-3111

Iwataya Department Store – Life is a Gift
Kyushu-grown fir trees are majestically illuminated and displayed in front of Iwataya, and then returned to the forest after Christmas – how’s that for eco-friendly? This year, there are also comic ‘head-in-the-hole’ boards – great for photos!

[Photo: From last year (will be updated soon!)]

• Nov. 13 (Fri.) ~ Dec. 25 (Fri.)
• 10:00~22:00
• Iwataya Honkan Front Entrance
• 2-5-35 Tenjin, Chuo-ku
• 092-721-1111

Daimaru – Santaful Christmas “Starry Night Story”
The passage between the Daimaru buildings is a glittering sight to behold this Christmas!
A 12 m Christmas tree is the centerpiece, with color-changing lights and a festive velvet bow.
There is also a display of art designed by picture book author Tomonori Taniguchi.


[Photos: From last year (will be updated soon!)]

• 11/3 (Tue., Hol.) ~ Dec. 25 (Thu.)
• 9:30~23:00 *12/25: ~21:00
• Daimaru Tenjin Elgala Passage Hiroba
• 35,000 LEDs
• 1-4-1 Tenjin, Chuo-ku
• 092-712-8181
Vioro – Starlight Illumination
Star-gazers will love this “luxurious illumination”, which depicts a night sky full of stars. Not only is this a chic illumination, but it uses both sound and light to create a multisensory experience.

[Photograph for illustrative purposes only]

• Nov. 14 (Fri.) ~ Dec. 25 (Thu.)
• 11:00~23:00
• VIORO 1F Pillars by Main Entrance
• 2-10-3 Tenjin, Chuo-ku

IMS – “A New York Holiday” with Kate Spade New York
Have yourself a merry New York Christmas…in Fukuoka! In collaboration with Kate Spade New York, IMS has opened a Big Apple-themed Christmas area on its B2 floor. Sit in a stylish Manhattan living room, or visit the Christmas tree market (though sadly, you can’t buy any trees…). There are also live performances on weekends, and multiple photo opportunities.

• 11/11 (Wed.) ~ 12/25 (Fri.)
• 10:00~23:00
• 1-7-11 Tenjin, Chuo-ku
• 092-733-2001

Tenjin Core – Core’s Xmas 2015
25,000 lights form a huge, glittering Christmas tree over Watanabe-dori! Make a wish as you cross the street! Also, stop by the patio on the fourth floor to see the Christmas-themed chandelier!

[Photo: From last year (will be updated soon!)]

• 11/13 (Fri.) ~ 12/25 (Fri.)
• 17:00~23:00
• 25,000 lights
• Tenjin Core (wall facing Watanabe-dori, 4th floor patio)
• 1-11-11 Tenjin, Chuo-ku
• 092-721-8436
*image from previous year

Mina Tenjin – Christmas at Mina
This is Mina Tenjin’s 10th Christmas celebration, and they have chosen to focus their decorations around the theme of enjoying Christmas with your loved ones. Visit the Tenjin Hashiguchi intersection entrance to see the festive decor.

[Photo: From last year (will be updated soon!)]

• 11/13 (Fri.) ~ 12/25 (Fri.)
• 18:00~22:00
• mina Tenjin 1F, Tenjin Hashiguchi intersection entrance
• 4-3-8 Tenjin, Chuo-ku
• 092-713-3711

Tenjin Kego Park – Tenjin Hikari Square 2015
Kego Park is filled with color and light this holiday season. Take your kids to ride the mini Christmas train, or gaze upon this year’s new attraction: “The Compass of Light”, a huge, illuminated clock installation. Enjoy from the park, or take in the view from above by going up one of the surrounding buildings (many have restaurants and/or cafes overlooking the illuminations). From Dec. 4, food and drink stalls will be set up in the park.


• 11/13 (Fri.) ~ 1/12 (Tue.)
• 17:00~24:00
• 380,000 lights
• Tenjin Kego Park
• 2 Tenjin, Chuo-ku
• 092-734-8750

Canal City – Canal Mirai Christmas
Canal City will once again astonish people with a huge, high-tech interactive digital display, the centerpiece of which is the Crystal Tree. Anyone with a smartphone is able to interact with the lights! Don’t have a smartphone? You can use one of the touch panels in the building. Come out and help decorate the Christmas tree at Canal City!



• 11/7 (Sat.) ~ 12/25 (Fri.)
• 17:00~24:00
• Crystal Tree: 65,000 lights
• Canal City Hakata, Main Tree on B1F Sun Plaza Stage
• 1-2 Sumiyoshi, Hakata-ku
• 092-282-2525

Hakata Riverain Christmas 2015
Stars shine down from the riverside wall of Hakata Riverain Mall. Taking a stroll along the river, their twinkle may catch your eye! The front entrance and inside the building are also decorated with Christmas cheer.


• 11/7 (Sat.) ~ 12/25 (Fri.)
• 17:00~23:00
• Hakata Riverain Mall
• 3-1 Shimokawabatamachi, Hakata-ku
• 092-271-5050

JR Hakata Station – Hikari no Machi Hakata (Hakata, City of Lights)
An impressive 700,000 lights are combined into a romantic winter illumination on a grand scale. The theme of this year’s design is “SHOW”; this plays on the Japanese sound ‘shou’, which has multiple meanings, such as ‘laughter’, ‘voice’, ‘to sing’, and ‘to introduce’. So take friends old and new to enjoy the City of Lights.

Hakata Eki 1

Hakata Eki 2

Hakata Eki 3
[Photos: From last year (will be updated soon!)]

• 11/13 (Fri.) ~ 1/12 (Tue.)
• 17:00~24:00
• 700,000 lights
• Hakataekimae-hiroba
• In front of JR Hakata Sta.
• 092-431-8484

Bayside Place Hakata: Bayside Illumination
The whole of Bayside Place Hakata area is gorgeously lit up with an array of Christmas lights – even their palm trees! Enjoy the view while taking a romantic stroll down one of the boardwalks.



• Early Dec. ~ Mid. Mar.
• 18:00~24:00
• 300,000 lights
• Bayside Place Hakata
• 13-6 Chikkohonmachi, Hakata-ku
• 092-281-7701

Fukuoka Airport – Tenku no Hikari Gekijo
The theme inside the domestic terminal is “Dazzling Sun Ball”, as it is decked out with many twinkling chandeliers. The International terminal’s illuminations resemble winter star constellations, with a 115 m long planetarium-style illumination themed around Greek mythology (from which many constellations draw their names).

domestic line

• 11/7 (Sat.) ~ 2/15 (Mon.)
• Domestic terminal: 16:00~23:00, International terminal: 8:00~23:00
• Fukuoka Airport, Domestic terminal #2 2nd floor departure lobby, International terminal 3rd floor departure lobby
• 767-1 Oaza Shimousui, Hakata-ku; 739 Oaza Aoki, Hakata-ku
• 350,000 lights
• 092-623-0523

Space World Kitakyushu: Forever Christmas at Space World ~Illumination Night~
Explore the magic of a Christmas/space-hybrid fantasy at Space World! After the sun goes down, the theme park’s elaborate illuminations begin. This illumination is in its fourth year, but has already been registered as a Japan Heritage Night View and ranked as one of the top five illuminations in Japan. The decorations include a Christmas tree and a huge maze made out of fairy lights. There will also be a big, five-day-long fireworks festival in the run up to New Year (starting 12/23 (Wed., Hol.).




• 11/14 (Sat.) ~ 1/11 (Mon., Hol.) (only on Fri., Weekends, and Hol. on 11/16 (Mon.) ~ 12/17 (Thur.), none on 12/31 (Thur.))
• 17:30~20:00 (until 21:00 on 12/18 (Fri.) ~ 12/22 (Tue.) and 12/28 (Mon.) ~ 12/30 (Wed.), until 22:00 on 12/23 (Wed., Hol.) ~ 12/27 (Sun.))
• 4,000,000 lights
• Space World
• 4-1-1 Higashida, Yahatahigashi-ku, Kitakyushu, Fukuoka
• 093-672-3600


NOTE: The information presented here was originally gathered and summarized by Fukuoka Now staff in November 2015. While we have done our best to be accurate in the update, some errors in translation may have occurred. If you notice any errors or changes, please contact us and we’ll update this report. Now enjoy the Christmas lights!

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