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Fukuoka Winter Illumination Guide 2016

쿠오카의 거리가 빛으로 물드는 겨울. 환상적인 분위기 속에서 즐거운 한때를 즐겨보자.


Fukuoka City Yacht Harbor Illumination 2016
The Fukuoka Yacht Harbor will be illuminated with approximately 100,000 LED lights, casting a wintery glow across the moored yachts. We recommend you to go a little early and enjoy the sunset over Imazu bay, and watch as the lights appear in the darkening night sky. Make sure to wrap up warm to protect from the cool sea breeze.


• 12/17 (Sat.) ~ 12/25 (Sun.)
• 17:45~20:00
• About 100,000 LED lights
• Fukuoka City Yacht Harbor, Club House 2F Lounge
• 3-58-1 Odo, Nishi-ku
• 092-882-2151

Marinoa City Fukuoka Sweet Christmas
This year’s theme is ‘A Sweet, Warm Christmas’, referring to the warmth of Marinoa City’s Christmas lights. New this year is an artificial lawn space designed for children to play on. On the Sky Wheel – Marinoa’s Ferris Wheel – there will be several Christmas-themed installations, including a snowflake, a Christmas tree, a ribbon and a bell.

marinoa illumination 6 copy


• 11/12 (Sat.) ~ 12/25 (Sun.)
• 17:00~21:00 *Partially: ~23:00)
• Marinoa City Fukuoka (Step Hiroba, Organic Garden etc. (total of 5 locations))
• 2-12-30 Odo, Nishi-ku
• 092-892-8700

Fukuoka Tower – Momochi Blue Light Illumination
Head to the Fukuoka Tower to catch a glimpse of the 108-meter-tall “Christmas tree”! The tower’s state-of-the-art LED lights will be used to depict snowfall and colourful Christmas ornaments. Don’t miss your chance to see Santa, everyone once a while the big man will appear in the tower! The trees surrounding the tower will be decorated with pretty blue lights, contributing to the seasonal atmosphere.


• 11/16 (Wed.) ~ 1/31 (Tue.)
• 17:00~23:00 (12/23 ~ 12/25: ~24:00)
• 100,000 lights
• Fukuoka Tower Area
• 2-3-26 Momochihama, Sawara-ku
• 092-823-0234

Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk – Christmas Illumination
The Hilton’s decorations feature a 101m2 model of a wintery European town with a huge model train track and a train whizzing through it. The trains are decorated with corporate logos of companies that have pledged money to local orphanages. The display uses G-gage trains by the famous German train-maker Lehmann. Kids (and parents) will love it!


• 11/24 (Thu.) ~ 12/25 (Sun.), Christmas train runs 11/18 (Fri.) ~ 1/16 (Mon.) 9:30-15:00 / 17:00-21:00
• Illuminations: 18:00~23:00
• Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk
• 2-2-3 Jigyohama, Chuo-ku
• 092-844-8111

Ohori Park Winter Illumination
Ohori Park is one of the most scenic places in Fukuoka, and every winter it is lit up in spectacular style. Lights will run across the bridge through the middle of park’s lake, and the trees surrounding the lake will be decorated with thousands of lights. Nakanoshima, the island in the middle of the lake, is recommended as a romantic date spot.

• 12/1 (Thu.) ~ Jan. 31 (Tue.)
• 17:00~22:00
• About 45,000 lights
• Ohori Park
• 1-2 Ohori Park, Chuo-ku
• 092-741-2004

Akasaka Chapelle Des Anges: Homey, Holy, Christmas
The theme of Chapelle Des Anges’ 2016 display is “Homey, Holy, Christmas”. The church building will be decorated with Christmas lights, and its spire topped with a gold star. Christmas Candle Night will be held on Sun., Dec. 25, and the chapel will be open to the public to enjoy the seasonal atmosphere.


• 11/05 (Mon.) ~ 2/27 (Mon.)
• 17:00~23:00 (closed on Tue. / gates close: 20:00 (weekdays) / 19:00 (weekends))
• 10,000 lights
• Akasaka Chapelle Des Anges
• 1-1-5 Otemon, Chuo-ku
• 092-736-7755

Tenjin Chikagai: Luxury Christmas
The 590-meter-long corridors of Tenjin Chikagai will be illuminated with tens of thousands of champagne-colored lights. This year’s theme is ‘Luxury Christmas’ and there will be a giant disco ball hung in the middle of the Chikagai. Unlike many of Fukuoka’s illuminations, you need not wait till dark, as the Chikagai is lit throughout the day.

chikagai 2

[photo from last year]

• 11/11 (Fri.) ~ 12/25 (Sun.)
• 5:30~24:30
• 120,000 lights
• Tenjin Chikagai
• 1~3 2, Tenjin, Chuo-ku
• 092-711-1903

Solaria Plaza – Solaria Plaza X’mas
Solaria Plaza’s atrium will house a huge Christmas tree over the Christmas period. The tree will be complemented by the assorted greenery that is usually housed in Solaria Plaza’s Atrium as well as a vast array of Christmas decorations.

[Photo for illustration purposes ]

• 11/10 (Thu.) ~ 12/25 (Sun.)
• 10:00~24:00
• 1F Solaria Plaza, Zephyr
• 2-2-43 Tenjin, Chuo-ku
• 092-733-7777

Solaria Stage – Solacchi Star Parade
Until Christmas Day, Solaria Stage’s mascot character, Solacchi, will greet visitors from above Solaria Stage’s entrance. This year’s theme is “Parade”, and there’ll be stars, musical notes, and floats – all decorated in gold!

• 11/22 (Tue.) ~ 12/25 (Sun.)
• 17:00~24:00
• Solaria Stage Entrance Hall
• 2-11-3 Tenjin, Chuo-ku
• 092-733-7111

Fukuoka Mitsukoshi – “Life is a Gift
The corridor from Lion Hiroba to Mitsukoshi’s entrance will be kitted out with Christmas decorations. Check out the statues of lions will be dolled up for the occasion.

[Photo from last year]

• 11/9 (Wed.) ~ 12/25 (Sun.)
• 10:00~22:00
• 6,000 lights
• Fukuoka Mitsukoshi Lion Hiroba 1F
• 2-2-1 Tenjin, Chuo-ku
• 092-724-3111

Iwataya Department Store – “Life is a Gift” Christmas Celebration
Kyushu-grown fir trees will be majestically illuminated and displayed in front of Iwataya. Once the Christmas season is over the trees will be returned to the forest – how’s that for eco-friendly? From 11/9 (Wed.) ~ 12/26 (Mon.) you can enjoy a special exhibition by flower artist, Nicolai Bergmann.

[Photo from last year]

• 11/11 (Fri.) ~ 12/25 (Sun.)
• 10:00~22:00
• 27,000 lights
• Iwataya Honkan Front Entrance
• 2-5-35 Tenjin, Chuo-ku
• 092-721-1111

Daimaru – 2016 Star Christmas
Every Christmas, the passage between the Daimaru buildings becomes a glittering spectacle. A 12m Christmas tree is the centerpiece, with 35,000 star-shaped, champagne-gold lights. A stage will be set up for Christmas concerts and other fun events.

[Photo from last year]

• 11/3 (Thu.& Hol.) ~ 12/25 (Sun.)
• 9:30~23:00 *12/25: ~21:00
• 35,000 LEDs
• Daimaru Tenjin Elgala Passage Hiroba
• 1-4-1 Tenjin, Chuo-ku
• 092-712-8181

Vioro – Starlight Illumination
Star-gazers will love this luxurious illumination, which depicts a night sky full of stars. Fabulously chic.


• 11/11 (Fri.) ~ 1/9 (Mon. & Hol.)
• 11:00~23:00
• VIORO 1F Pillars by Main Entrance
• 2-10-3 Tenjin, Chuo-ku
• 092-771-1001

IMS – IMS Christmas 2016
This year, the whole B2 floor of IMS Plaza will be clad in wood decking, creating a nostalgic Christmas feel. There will also be Christmas workshops, a Christmas market, live shows and many more events! The sparkling merry-go-round stage will bring back childhood memories.


• 11/9 (Wed.) ~ 12/25 (Sun.)
• 10:00~23:00
• 10,000 lights
• B2F IMS area
• 1-7-11 Tenjin, Chuo-ku
• 092-733-2001

Tenjin Core – Core’s Xmas 2016
Every evening, 17,000 lights will illuminate Watanabe-dori! Make a wish as you cross the street! Stop by the fourth-floor patio to see their Christmas tree!

[Photo from last year]

• 11/28 (Mon.) ~ 12/25 (Sun.)
• 17:00~23:00
• 17,000 lights
• Tenjin Core (wall facing Watanabe-dori, 4th floor patio)
• 1-11-11 Tenjin, Chuo-ku
• 092-721-8436

Mina Tenjin: Christmas at Mina
This is Mina Tenjin’s 11th Christmas celebration, and they have selected ‘enjoying Christmas with your loved ones’ as their theme. Visit the Tenjin Hashiguchi intersection entrance to see the festive decor.

[Photo from last year]

• 11/11 (Fri.) ~ 12/25 (Sun.)
• 18:00~22:00
• Mina Tenjin 1F, Tenjin Hashiguchi intersection entrance
• 4-3-8 Tenjin, Chuo-ku
• 092-713-3711

Tenjin Kego Park: Tenjin Hikari Square 2016
Kego Park will be filled with color and light this holiday season. Take your kids to ride on the mini Christmas train, go ice skating, or gaze upon this year’s attraction: “The Compass of Light”, a huge, illuminated clock installation. Enjoy the illuminations from the park, or check out the scene from above by climbing one of the surrounding buildings (many have restaurants and/or cafes overlooking the illuminations).


• 11/22 (Thu.) ~ 1/9 (Mon.)
• 17:00~24:00 (no lights on 1/1)
• 63,000 lights
• Tenjin Kego Park
• 2 Tenjin, Chuo-ku
• 092-734-8750

Canal City: Aqua Illumination
Canal City has a 16m tall Christmas tree as well as a variety of water-themed illuminations. At night, the Mall’s canal will become a stage for the multisensory ‘Aqua’ Illumination Show. A separate 3D projection mapping show called ‘One Piece Water Spectacle’ can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.


• 11/19 (Sat.) ~ 12/25 (Sun.)
• 17:00~24:00 (partially different)
• Crystal Tree: 65,000 lights
• Canal City Hakata, Main Tree on B1F Sun Plaza Stage
• 1-2 Sumiyoshi, Hakata-ku

Hakata Riverain Christmas
Stars shine down from the riverside wall of Hakata Riverain Mall. The front entrance and inside the building are also decorated with Christmas decorations, including Christmas trees with ‘chic’ decorations. Trees along nearby streets are decorated with Christmas ornaments and can be enjoyed both day and night.


• 11/5 (Sat.) ~ 12/25 (Sun.)
• 17:00~23:00
• number of lights not disclosure
• Hakata Riverain Mall
• 3-1 Shimokawabatamachi, Hakata-ku
• 092-271-5050

JR Hakata Station – Hikari no Machi Hakata (Hakata, City of Lights)
An impressive 700,000 lights form a large-scale, romantic winter illumination. Take friends old and new to enjoy this City of Lights. Plenty of Christmas events to enjoy alongside the illuminations and you mustn’t forget to visit the Hakata Christmas Market.

Hakata Eki 1

Hakata Eki 2
[Photos from last year]

• 11/10 (Thu.) ~ 1/11 (Wed.)
• 17:00~24:00 (11/10 lighting ceremony 18:20~, lighting up 18:30~)
• 700,000 lights
• JR Hakata-ekimae Hiroba
• 1-1 Chuogai, Hakata-ku (In front of JR Hakata Sta.)
• 092-431-8484 (JR Hakata City Amu Plaza Hakata Information)

Bayside Place Hakata: Bayside Illumination ~Port Of Light~
The whole of the Bayside Place Hakata area is gorgeously lit up with an array of Christmas lights – even their palm trees! Enjoy the view while taking a romantic stroll down one of the boardwalks. A date spot popular with young people and couples.


• 12/1 (Thu.) ~ 3/12 (Sun.)
• 18:00~24:00
• Bayside Place Hakata
• 13-6 Chikkohonmachi, Hakata-ku
• 092-281-7701

Fukuoka Airport – Tenku no Hikari Gekijo
The illuminations at Fukuoka Airport are modelled on winter star constellations, with a 115m-long planetarium-style illumination based on Greek mythology (from which many constellations draw their names). This year there is a new work on the 4th floor themed around the Sun!


• 11/12 (Sat.) ~ 2/13 (Mon.)
• 8:00~23:00
• 300,000 lights
• Fukuoka Airport, International terminal 3F and 4F
• 767-1 Oaza Shimousui, Hakata-ku; 739 Oaza Aoki, Hakata-ku
• 092-623-0523

Space World Kitakyushu: Illumination Night
Explore the magic of a Christmas/space-hybrid fantasy at Space World! After the sun goes down, the theme park’s elaborate illuminations begin. This illumination is only in its fifth year, but has been registered as a Japan Heritage Night View and ranked as one of the top five illuminations in Japan with around 4,000,000 lights. The decorations include a Christmas tree and a huge maze made out of fairy lights. Between Dec 23 and Dec 25 there will be huge firework displays.


• 11/12 (Sat.) ~ 2/28 (Tue.) Sat. Sun. and Hol. only
(everyday between 12/17 ~ 1/9)
• 17:30 (changes depending on the sunset time) ~ Close
• 4,000,000 lights
• Space World
• 4-1-1 Higashida, Yahatahigashi-ku, Kitakyushu, Fukuoka
• 093-672-3600 (Information Center 09:00~17:00)

Riverwalk Kitakyushu
Riverwalk Kitakyushu will host a range of Christmas events aimed at couples, groups of friends and families. The venue is decorated to look like a Christmas garden and has 20,000 lights hung from trees and other locations. There is a 15m tall Christmas tree, plenty of photo opportunities and workshops for all to join.

[Photo for illustrative purposes]

• 11/3 (Thu. and Hol.) ~ 12/25 (Sun.) *partially till mid-Feb
• 10:00~22:00 (outside: 17:00~22:00)
• 20,000 lights
• Riverwalk Kitakyushu
• 1-1-1 Muromachi, Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu, Fukuoka
• 093-573-1500

Originally written in Nov. 2016.
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