Taxi Reduction Trial Leads to Revenue Increase

The Fukuoka City Taxi Association reported that its trial of reducing the number of cabs on the street during the four Mondays in April resulted in a per-cab revenue increase of 14.1% from the year-before period, or 3,657 yen. The 100 cab companies in the greater Fukuoka City area participated, reducing its average fleet on […]

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Freight Traffic at Port of Kitakyushu Down 20%

The city of Kitakyushu reports that the freight volume handled at the city’s port in 2009 was down 20.7% from the year before to 86.74 million tons. The number of ships that entered port was down 10.8% to 61,013. That was the second straight decline in freight volume and the fourth straight decline for ship […]

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Percentage of Kyushu High School Graduates Finding Work Falls to 94.2%

A report compiled by the Nishinippon Shimbun found that the percentage of March high school graduates in the seven Kyushu prefectures who found employment fell to 94.2%, a decline of 1.2 percentage points from the previous year. The five Kyushu labor bureaus affiliated with the national government also found that the employment rate of graduates […]

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Personal Walking Tours in Nagasaki to be Given in English

Nagasaki City and a prefectural association of guide/interpreters will begin offering in August walking tours in English guided by locals. These will be the English language version of the Nagasaki Saruku tours for individual tourists that are quite popular among the Japanese. One tour takes from two and a half to three hours and costs […]

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Fukuoka Business District Office Occupancy Rate Rises

The Fukuoka Branch of Miki Shoji announced statistics showing that as of the end of April, the office occupancy rate for Fukuoka City business districts rose 0.12% from the previous month to 74.7%. The increased occupancy was concentrated in new and relatively newer buildings, where the rentals are cheaper. Miki Shoji says there has been […]

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Pointing Map for Foreigners to be Placed in 7,000 Taxicabs

In response to the increase in foreign tourists locally, the Fukuoka City Taxicab Association has created a map of areas of interest in the central part of the city, plus handy words and phrases, in English, Korean, and Japanese. The objective is to have the tourists enjoy their stay in the city and use more […]

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Miyazaki Prefecture to Slaughter 18,700 Pigs

The 18th and 19th suspected cases of hoof and mouth disease in pigs were discovered among six animals in two locations in Miyazaki Prefecture. The two locations had a combined total of 18,700 pigs, and all of them will be slaughtered. It has been two weeks since the first case emerged, and since then nearly […]

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Saga Prefecture Reduces Size of Internet Application System

Saga Prefecture will reduce this year the number of categories for which citizens can apply for licenses and approvals on the Internet from about 360 to about 110, a cut of more than two-thirds. The system has been used at a rate of less than 10% since its introduction in August 2004, and those categories […]

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Skynet Asia to Start Oita-Haneda Flight

Miyazaki City-based Skynet Asia airlines announced it will begin roundtrip flights between Oita and Haneda airport in Tokyo on October 31. The company plans to operate three roundtrips daily. It will bring to five the number of Kyushu airports the airline uses for direct routes to Haneda: Miyazaki, Kumamoto, Nagasaki, Kagoshima, and Oita.

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Daihatsu Kyushu Sets Sales Record

Daihatsu Kyushu announced its non-consolidated business results for the fiscal year ended March 2010. The company sold 341,766 units during the year, a rise of 9.9% from the previous year. Revenue totaled 254.010 billion yen, a 9.3% increase. This was the fifth consecutive record high for the company in both categories. One reason for the […]

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