Island City Condo Wins International Award

The condominium developed by Fukuoka City-based Shinei Jutaku on Island City, the artificial island in Higashi Ward, has won the grand prize for outstanding concrete structures presented by The International Federation for Structural Concrete (fib) in Switzerland. The federation is a non-profit organization of national and private-sector groups that presents these awards once every four […]

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JR Kyushu to Open Shanghai Office

JR Kyushu announced it will open an office in Shanghai, China, on April 1 with the intention of exploring the potential of establishing a presence in the local food service industry and promoting tourism in Japan. It will be the first time for a JR group company to start a non-railroad enterprise in Asia. The […]

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Kumamoto City Merger Results in New Metropolis with 720,000 People

The merger of Kumamoto City with Ueki-machi and Jonan-machi took effect on the 23rd, creating a new Kumamoto City with a population of 728,000 people as of the 2005 census. That population gives it the qualifications to be classified as a “designated government ordinance city”, which means that it can have governmental authority on a […]

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Survey Shows 20% of Local Companies to Limit Hiring

The Nishinippon Shimbun conducted a questionnaire survey of the 120 primary companies in Kyushu regarding their intent for hiring new graduates in the spring of 2011. Those who answered they would either reduce their hiring from the 2010 level, or not hire any new employees at all, accounted for 20% of the total. In contrast, […]

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Regional Department Store Sales Declines Most Prolonged Ever

The Kyushu Department Store Association announced sales results for the 26 department stores operated by 17 companies in Kyushu and Okinawa for February. Sales revenue fell 3.2% from the year-before period to 36.4 billion yen. This is the 27th consecutive year-on-year decline, which makes it the longest consecutive monthly downturn since records have been kept. […]

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Studio Opens in Fukuoka City to Promote Food Culture

The Food Culture Studio, a facility to prevent information about food and related matters though lectures by nutritionists and chefs, opened in Fukuoka City’s Chuo Ward on the 16th. It is operated by Saibu Gas, and will also promote the use of gas for cooking in the home. The company plans to present about 200 […]

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Fukuoka and Saga Prefectures Hold Business Confab

The business and financial industry in Fukuoka and Saga prefectures held the third Kyushu Economic Forum in Tosu, Saga Prefecture, on the 12th and 13th to promote closer ties. This is the third such forum; the first two were held in 2006 and 2008. About 120 people participated.

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Miyazaki Taiyo Bank to Receive 13 Billion Yen in Public Funds

The Financial Services Agency announced it has decided to provide the Miyazaki Taiyo Bank of Miyazaki Prefecture with 13 billion yen in public funds to help the troubled institution. The money will be provided when the government accepts preferred stock that the bank will issue at the end of March. The bank also revised its […]

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American Naval Vessels Queried about Nuclear Weapons at Port of Hakata

For the first time, Fukuoka City officials inquired of the Foreign Ministry whether American naval vessels entering the Port of Hakata had nuclear weapons on board on the 16th. Previously, the city operated on the assumption that naval vessels weren’t carrying such weapons. Now that the Japanese Foreign Ministry has confirmed the existence of a […]

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Satoh Industries Creates Eco-Friendly Greenhouse

Satoh Industries of Umi-machi, Fukuoka Prefecture, has developed a greenhouse that accumulates and retains heat from the sun. They used as a reference for their project a similar type of facility employed in China for decorative gardening, and reworked it for use in Japan. The company says it is much more ecologically sound than greenhouses […]

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