First Regional Food Service Industry Sales Decline in Three Years

The Fukuoka branch of Teikoku Data Bank released the results of its survey of the sales of the 50 leading companies in the food service industry in Kyushu and Okinawa Prefecture for the fiscal year ended March 2009. Aggregate sales fell 0.8% from the year before to 401.4 billion yen. It was the first sales […]

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Earnings for Primary Kyushu Companies Soar

The Kyushu Local Finance Bureau and the Fukuoka Local Finance Branch Bureau released the results of their survey of statistics for the major regional companies for the October-December 2009 quarter, which shows that aggregate current profit skyrocketed to 4.7 times the year-before figure to 104.7 billion yen. This represents a rebound following the poor results […]

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Sagara Ward to Provide Ward Office Crowding Info on Internet

In advance of the crowded conditions expected at fiscal and business yearend, Sagara Ward in Fukuoka City has instituted a system for the ward office in which information on the number of people waiting to be served at the office is distributed on the ward’s website and on cell phones. Trials of the system began […]

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Who Knows Where the Shinkansen Goes? Very Few

The Kyushu branch of Dentsu conducted a survey to determine the recognition factor that the new Kyushu Shinkansen will provide direct service from Kagoshima to Osaka after it opens for service next year. Only 27% of the people in Kyushu knew that, while only 16% in Osaka were aware of it. In fact, more than […]

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Saga Law Firm Offers Halal Certification Procedure Service

The Okuno Law Office in Arita-cho, Saga Prefecture, is now offering the first service in the country to conduct the procedures for gaining halal certification for food products sold in Islamic countries. Islam has strict rules for the processing of beef and other products, and requires that those products be certified before they can be […]

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Oita Board of Education Knocks Biased Education

The Oita Prefecture Board of Education released its opinion on the 8th that “biased education was conducted” at one junior high school in the prefecture. First year students were distributed materials that claimed the national flag and national anthem were “symbols used to conduct war”, and that they “frightened some foreigners”. They board said the […]

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Regional Bankruptcies at Lowest Level in 37 Years

The Fukuoka branch of Tokyo Shoko Research reports that February corporate bankruptcies in Kyushu and Okinawa Prefecture exceeding 10 million yen in liabilities were down 23.5% from the year-before period to 65. This is the 13th straight monthly year-on-year decline, and the lowest number of monthly bankruptcies since the total of 47 in 1973. The […]

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Joint Industry-Academia Research Survey Published

The Kyushu Bureau of Economy, Trade, and Industry published a compilation of some successful cooperative projects between regional universities and small businesses to create new products and develop new technology. The compilation, titled Regional Innovation Project Anthology, presents the most noteworthy results of 28 projects among 172 selected projects that have been conducted from 1997 […]

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Leukemia Death Rate in 54 Kyushu Municipalities More than Double National Average

A Nishinippon Shimbun survey of revealed that from the years 2003 to 2007, 54 of Kyushu’s 241 municipalities had death rates from leukemia more than double the national average. Sixteen of those municipalities had death rates from three to six times the national average. Many of those municipalities are either on outlying islands or on […]

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Yoshitomi-machi in Fukuoka to Start English Lessons in Kindergarten or Nursery School

Yoshiomi-machi in Yanagawa, Fukuoka Prefecture, plans to start teaching kindergarten and nursery school children English conversation starting in April. A bill budgeting 6.3 million yen for the project was introduced last week in the municipal assembly. The objective is for the children to have English conversation capability by the time they graduate from primary school. […]

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