Price Competition Heats Up on Busan – Kyushu Transportation Routes

Increasing competition is driving down travel costs between Busan, South Korea, and Kyushu. Kitakyushu-based airline Starflyer announced it will cut round-trip airfares between Kitakyushu and Busan to 6,600 yen in July, on the condition of a same-day return. Air Busan of South Korea also will set 12,000 yen as the price for two round-trip tickets between Busan and Fukuoka City, if tickets are bought at the same time. Starflyer says it is the first time in Japan a special price has been set for airplane tickets with a same-day return.

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Kyushu Electric’s Nuclear Power Plant Operation Rate at 31% Last Year

The utilization rate of the nuclear power plants operated by Kyushu Electric Power in 2011 fell by 49.7 percentage points to 31.4%. This was the lowest rate since 1975, when the first Genkai reactor in Saga Prefecture came on line. In contrast, the nationwide rate was 23.7%, the lowest since records started to be kept in 1975.

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Kyushu Auto Production Tops 1.3 Million Units

A Nishinippon Shimbun survey revealed that aggregate automobile production in Kyushu in FY 2011 exceeded 1.3 million units.

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Fukuoka Coop Nori Sales Down 20%

A Fukuoka Prefecture-based Ariake Sea fisheries cooperative conducted the final sales of the season for the nori cultivated in the prefecture.

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Hakata Daimaru Revenue Down for Sixth Straight Year

The Hakata Daimaru department store company based in Fukuoka City announced that sales for the year ended February 2012 totaled 60.714 billion yen, an 8.9% year-on-year decline. This was the sixth consecutive annual drop in revenue for the company.

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Multilingual Disaster Preparedness Handbook

Fukuoka Pref. released a multilingual handbook for disaster consultation and disaster recovery. The handbook contains data in 5 languages- English, Chinese, Korean,Tagalog and simple Japanese – and is aimed at educating and helping foreigners.

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Delta Air Fukuoka-Honolulu Flights Increase

Delta Airlines will increase flights from Fukuoka to Honolulu in the upcoming summer months. Their June flight schedule will increase from no flights to four flights per week, and July from five flights a week to seven. Reasons behind the decision include the strong value of the Yen, along with an increase in sales of Hawaii package tours by Fukuoka’s major travel agents.

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Kitakyushu Working to Attract Companies to Unused Factory Tracts

The city of Kitakyushu has adopted a policy that designates currently idled land with factories in the city as “public industrial parks within a company”, and will try to attract companies to relocate and use that property in the same way they do now for city-owned property.

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Only Fukuoka Fails to Introduce New Statistical Methods for Tourism Policies in Kyushu

The Japan Tourism Agency instituted standards for the statistical measurement of tourism by each prefecture in 2009. The standards for measuring the number of tourists, as well as the period and subject of statistical aggregation, had been left up to the prefectures.

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Plant for Converting Sewage Sludge to Fuel to be Build in Nagasaki

Mitsubishi Nagasaki Machinery, the Nagasaki Institute of Applied Science, and Nagasaki City announced they will build a plant in the city to process sewage sludge into solid fuel under high temperatures.

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