Amagi Asakura, Fukuoka Prefecture

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Exploring Ancient Japan

With history and leisure activities,
the perfect place for an autumn drive

In the heart of Fukuoka Prefecture, about 25 minutes from Dazaifu Interchange, Amagi-Asakura is a charming region lined with rice paddies. Its most famous area is Akizuki, an atmospheric old-time neighborhood known as the Little Kyoto of Kyushu. It is believed that Amagi-Asakura may have been the site of the ancient Yamataikoku Kingdom mentioned in Chinese chronicles, and the region’s historical importance is further reinforced with a visit to Hiratsuka-Kawazoe Archaeological Park, where one can see ancient artifacts, agricultural tools, and moats from the Yayoi and Kofun Periods (300 BC-538 AD). In addition, visitors can make their own Magatama, an ancient decorative craft, or learn how to start a fire.
Of course, there is more to Amagi and Asakura than history. As a unique local initiative, in 2000 the Kyosei no Sato was opened from an abandoned elementary school. Kyosei no Sato attracted national attention as a step towards revitalization, with its prized 100-year-old phonograph, modern art, workshops, and seminars.
Amagi, blessed with an abundance of trees and clean water, is a lovely leisure spot ideal for outdoor activities as such fruit-picking. Best of all, Amagi is not only part of the birthplace of Japanese civilization, but also the birthplace of beer: it is home to Fukuoka’s Kirin Beer factory.

Amagi Tourism Association
1320 Oaza Amagi, Amagi City

Fruit Picking

The most fun thing to do in Amagi-Asakura in fall is fruit-picking. The fruit of its countless fields are made all the sweeter by the sharp temperature changes caused by the mountain-base climate. The best pickings in the fall will be pears, apples, and persimmons. For information on picking farms, contact the Amagi Tourism Association.

Kirin Beer Park Fukuoka

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Amagi is the Kirin Beer Park Fukuoka. In May the surrounding grounds are filled with poppies in bloom, and in October the fields are bright with cosmos. Enjoy a factory tour and perhaps a meal at the restaurant and you’ve got a full day’s outing for the whole family.

Kirin Beer Park Fukuoka
3601 Aza Uehara, Oaza Mada, Amagi City
Five-minute drive from Amagi or Chikugo-Ogori Interchange on Oita Expressway