Hoshino-mura, Fukuoka Prefecture

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A true Japanese mountain village: Hoshino-mura

Stars, tea and rice fields: In Hoshino-mura, beauty comes in many forms

Nestled in the mountains of southern Fukuoka Prefecture among clear rivers and lush forests, Hoshino-mura is well-known for its “stacked” rice-field structures, where carefully placed stones take advantage of the mountains’ inclination to create multiple layers of harvestable fields. In Hoshino-mura, these tanada (shelf-fields) number 425 plots over 137 different layers. The tanada take on a new color and character every season, just as they have since time immemorial. Hoshino-mura’s most notable product is Hoshino-cha, a first-rate green tea grown in the mountains, where the morning mist and the temperature change between morning and night give it an unforgettable flavor. The tea can be drunk using a special method called shizuku-cha, where a covered teacup is tilted to one side, letting out its tea drop by drop, and allowing the drinker to savor its smell and taste little by little. Finally, the town’s name, meaning “star field,” has begotten it another symbol. The Hoshi no Bunkakan (Star Culture Center), features a digital planetarium with one of Kyushu’s largest telescopes. The large-screen theater and other features will also bring you closer to the stars. With hotel and restaurant facilities, the Hoshi no Bunkakan is a perfect place to spend a night gazing at the stars from a mountain top, surrounded by dark greenery and clean mountain air.

Yame-gun Hoshino-mura 13-102-1

Hotaru Matsuri
6/4 (Sat. ) 18:00 ~ 21:00
Along the Hoshino River

From late May to early June, the banks of the Hoshino River are illuminated by 6,000 ~ 7,000 fireflies. On nice days from sundown to around 9 PM, the fireflies break through the darkness and give the townspeople a feeling of early summer. On the festival day, June 4, guides at Hoshino Elementary School lead visitors to the best firefly-viewing spots.

Shincha to Satsuki Matsuri
6/4 (Sat. ) ~ 5 (Sun. ) 10:00 ~ 17:00
Cha no Bunkakan and surroundings

An event unique to Hoshino-mura, known for its fine tea. As the smell of fresh tea envelopes the area, visitors learn how to handle and prepare tea, as well as how to pour and drink it. The beautiful blooming flowers of dwarf azalea are another attraction around this time.

*Cha no Bunkakan
10816-5 Hoshino-mura, Yame-gun
10:00 ~ 17:00