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Scrumptious Thai Secret

Little hype, lots of flavor. Despite having been located in the same Hakata Station area for six years now, this tiny spot is still relatively unknown. A pity since Kenji Watabe and his wife Kung (native of Chiang Mai, Thailand) have been diligently serving up some of the tastiest and most authentic Thai cuisine in town.
In fact, the restaurant has been recognized by the Thai government with a “Thailand’s Brand” certification. With the exception of a cheap ‘n’ cheerful “ethnic lunch” service, no attempt is made to accommodate Japanese tastes in the preparation of an admittedly orthodox Thai menu. Three years of apprenticeship in Chiang Mai and Bangkok kitchens manifests itself in Watabe’s exclusive use of fresh – never dried herbs. Be sure to ask about the rotating “special menu,” usually featuring a regional dish for which Watabe was able to source fresh produce at that morning’s market. The fluctuating cost of ingredients is reflected in varying prices, (980 yen~1,500 yen) so don’t be surprised. Not only is the menu in English, but each dish is ranked for spiciness, allowing everyone to choose the perfect dish for them.

3-19-14-1F Hakataekimae, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka


Prices: Green Curry & Chicken 880 yen, Tomyankun 1,200 yen, Green Papaya Salad 1,200 yen, Spicy Fried Fish Cakes 780 yen, Ethnic Lunch 840 yen, Singha Beer 600 yen.

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