Apr 11, 2019 08:53 by yuheihill

オーストラリア出身の元外資系客室乗務員が教える英会話レッスン 2500yen/45 min lesson


I can teach all levels, from beginners to advance speakers.

I offer the following:

(1) one-on-one assistance with homework (ideal for Junior/High school students)
(2) beginners phonetics, starting with the basics – the 44 sounds in the English language.
(3) Pronunciation of words /enunciation in speeches, in-flight announcements
(4) IELTS preparation
(5) Eiken preparation
(6) job interview preparation
(7) LGBT/standard information for those looking at visiting Australia on a working holiday
(8) Corporate English – including email etiquette
(9) Free chat on any subject

I offer private lessons via Skype. However, happy to work in a group, if preferred.

My purpose is to assist you with improving your English ability. Therefore, I am offering reasonable rates.

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