英語の家庭教師 英会話学校Great Private English Tutor in Hakata/Tenjin area

Jan 16, 2020 18:47 by dremax2020


英語の家庭教師 英会話学校
Andre-san’s Private English Tutoring & Conversation Lessons

Good lessons from a good teacher

Price 価格
• 2000 yen per hour
Lessons 教育
• Beginners to Business-level / All Ages / Groups OK
• Grammar / Vocabulary / Expressions
• Test Prep / Homework Help / Proofreading & Editing
• Practical Conversations / Fluency
Location 場所
• Receive tutoring any place you like いつでもどこでも
• Cafe, in-home, at the park, etc.
Appeal Pointsアピールポイント
• 1-on-1 lessons provide the highest quality education.
• Personalized lessons with direct feedback
• Focused on improving the most important language points and
tailored to the needs and interests of the student.

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