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Feb 7, 2019 14:13 by quecosa

I’m downsizing and need to sell some musical instruments. Specifically a keyboard, guitar, electric violin, and cajon (drum).

Here’s a link to their photos:

Below is a list of the items along with their original prices and current prices. If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email!

Keyboard — 88 weighted keys (not much use, less than 2 years old)
Roland JUNO-DS 88 (original price¥ 118,500)
(Pedal ¥ 3,610)
(Keyboard stand ¥ 4,000)
(Case ¥ 30,000 Roland🇺🇸 heavy duty, American domestic limited model)
(Bench ¥ 2,992)
(Music stand ¥ 2,469)

Current price: ¥ 100,000

Cajon Hokkaido made (almost unused) SOLD
(Main unit price ¥ 36,900)
¥ 23,000

Silent violin
Mack Corporation E-202 (main unit price ¥ 50,000) ¥ 23,000
(Including Case SUZUKI, Bow, Rosin, Extra Bridge)

YAMAHA CS 40 J (main unit price ¥ 16,000)
¥ 10,000 (with case)

キーボード88鍵盤 (2年使用感あまりなし)
Roland JUNO-DS 88 (本体価格¥118,500)
(ケース¥30,000 Roland🇺🇸アメリカ国内限定モデル、キャスター付)
(椅子 ¥2,992)
(譜面台 ¥2,469)


カフォン 北海道製 (ほぼ未使用) SOLD

マックコーポレーション E-202 (本体価格¥50,000) を¥23,000
(ケース SUZUKI製、弓、マツヤニ、エクストラブリッジ含む)

YAMAHA CS40J (本体価格¥16,000)
を¥10,000 (ケース付)

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