10,000 to 16,000 yen/per day

Dec 27, 2020 22:28 by preschoolenglish

Excellent Part Time English Teaching Positions in various areas of Fukuoka Prefecture.

(Koga, Ohashi, Chikushino, Kurume, Yanagawa)

The average day is 3 to 4 hours of class time at a rate of 3500-4000 yen per hour. Classes are held Monday thru Fridays during the mornings and early afternoons hours.

You MUST love children as we specialize in pre-school English lessons and encourage you to apply only if you already hold a spouse visa.

Initial Training, On-going support, Curriculum, Teaching Materials, and growth opportunities are all provided.

Currently our teachers are from New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada, and the UK.
If you are also from a country that uses English as it’s primary language, and already reside within Fukuoka prefecture, please apply!

Please include a resume that explains your current work situation (if applicable).

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