2019 Special Golden Week Intensive Course At WAHAHA

Apr 2, 2019 17:33 by WahahaNihongo

No plans for the Golden Week Holiday? Why not spend that time improving your Japanese at WAHAHA Japanese Language School? Once again we are holding our Special Golden Week Intensive Course, which offers students, whether they are advanced learners or complete beginners, the perfect opportunity to start their studies anew with the beautiful weather.

Lessons will be held on 04/29, 04/30, 05/01, 05/02, 05/03, 05/06; six lessons in total.

Course Description:
This Special Golden Week Intensive Courses comes in two varieties; group or private lessons.

Our group lessons last for three hours with a fifteen minute break in-between and a max of four students per class. Not only does this make these classes some of the smallest in Fukuoka, they also offer students an intensive curriculum with ample one-on-one time with their teacher. We recommend these classes for all types of students, but especially those looking for an intensive, yet friendly group atmosphere.

Our private lessons last for two hours and provide an intensive one-on-one curriculum that is based entirely on what kind of Japanese you want to study! Interested in reading manga, watching anime, or pure communication? These classes can focus on whatever you are interested in learning. Not only that, but for those that are still busy during the holidays, these classes also allow you full control to fine-tune your schedule!

No matter which class interests you, we will extend a special discount to all new students who enroll during this period; the discount entails a 50% discount to both enrollment and material fees, representing over 10000JPY in value.

Course Details:
Six lessons will be held from Monday, April 29, to Monday May 06 (classes will not be held on Saturday, May 04 and Sunday, May 05).

Group: 6000JPY per class + Enrollment Fee (5000JPY) + Material and Administration Fee (5000JPY) + 8% Sales Tax.

Private: 8000JPY per class + Enrollment Fee (5000JPY) + Material and Administraton Fee (5000JPY) + 8% Sales Tax.

Please note; if you wish to study consecutively in Group lessons, we require that you sign up for at least three lessons.

This special offer lasts only until April 29, so act now to get a jump-start on your Japanese studies!

Contact Details:
For more information or to sign-up, please visit our website or contact us directly at the following.

WAHAHA Japanese Language School
Maizuru 2-2-7, 4th Fl., Chuo-Ku, Fukuoka-Shi, 810-0073
TEL +81-92-737-2288
FAX +81-92-737-2289

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