25 inch Sony CRT TV

Jul 8, 2024 08:29 by arcticfeather

I’m giving away a Sony KV-25DA65 CRT TV.

The TV is in working condition but does have some scracthes and marks on the housing. The front panel has also broken off. The original working remote is also included.

It has 2 D-Terminal inputs (equivalent of component) an AV multi-in (which supports RGB) as well as composite and s-video inputs.

The geometry is not perfect (A slight issue in the top left corner), but very good for a flat screen TV. I’ve been using it for retro games, but have since replaced it with a different tv so I no longer need it.

They are some photos here including a test screen:

I’m located near Noke Station in Fukuoka city and could potentially deliver if it’s not too far (for a small fee to cover time/petrol)

Note the TV is big and heavy. It measures approx 65 x 51 x 46cm and weighs 36.5kg. You will need a car to transport it and I cannot help with carrying upstairs.

If you have any questions please get in touch.

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