Affordable Second-hand Items

Sep 9, 2020 07:23 by Kolbot

I will be moving away from Fukuoka at the end of this month and are looking forward to selling some of the items I have at lower prices such as:
– Studying desk & Chair (3000\)
– Washing Machine 6kg (3500\)
– Refrigerator (3500\)
– Microwave (1500\)
– Ceiling Light (LED+Remote) (500\)
All the prices are negotiable.
All the items are in good condition (90%) and are fully operational.
On top of all the items listed above, there will be some other small items which could be given away as add-ons (vacuum cleaner, rice cooker, Wi-Fi Router…).
If you are interested or need more info on the items, please feel free to contact me.
Note: My house is close to Onojo station. You can get the items anytime before the end of this month.

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